Security policy

  Data Encryption
  • We systematically use HTTPS on our page.
  • We have a strict and systematic HSTS policy with preload for all our subdomains. This ensures most clients (in particular browsers) will systematically connect using encrypted methods.
  • Backups are either encrypted themselves or on encrypted disks.
  Physical Security
  • Datacenters are supervised round the clock.
  • Any data stored outside of a datacenter for off-site backups are stored on encrypted drives using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • A Web Application Firewall is set up to filter incoming requests trying to compromise the service.
  • A firewall is systematically used on our website servers to prevent access from non-approved IP addresses.
  • Our software infrastructure is regularly update using automatic update mechanisms when possible.
  Debit / Credit Card Information
  • Our Website doesn’t store any credit card information.