Elastic scales for your business needs

1 place = Less than 1$ and more than 10% more turnover per month.

unlimited up to 50 up to 100 up to 500 up to 1000 unlimited
basic premium premium premium premium premium
$0/mo $24/mo $44/mo $74/mo $94/mo $144/mo
Why it's worth it?

1 Place = 1/2 Espresso

Regardless of the subscription type (more places - smaller price per place) NearPlace in the Premium version costs less than 1/2 Espresso.
Such a low costs will allow you to connect all of your offline places with your customers online and increase their sales.

Pricing FAQ

Why it's free?

We are heartbroken when we see the non-functional locator on your webpage. We want you, to connect your offline places online completely for free. If you will see the benefits of using NearPlace you can switch to Premium version to develop your business more.

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

Nope. We do not require any payment for the Basic plan.

What limitations does Basic plan have?

In Basic plan you will not be able to install add-ons marked as Premium, which really expand locator and profile page functionalities. 100% of our Premium users started with Basic accounts.

How can I upgrade from Basic plan to Premium?

Contact our support via email: to activate your Premium Plan and increase the limits of places and add-ons. Do not forget to include information on how much places you want to have in your NeaPlace account. Our team is currently working on automated payments system, so we'll be introducing changes soon! We are apologizing for any inconvenience.

Can i cancel Premium plan?

Yes, if you cancel paid subscription your plan will be restored to Basic and all the paid add-ons will be stopped. If you decide to again activate Premium plan, all your add-ons will work again and your personal settings and configuration will be restored.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards via FastSpring: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

Will my data be private and safe?

We take the safety and privacy of your data very seriously. We use Secure Socet Layer (SSL) to keep your sensitive data fully secure.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Once you cancel your account, you'll be responsible for charges incurred for that billing period, but you won't be charged again.

You need an Enterprise plan?

If you need enterprise support, check our offer on dedicated page: