At Nearplace, we pay a lot of attention on security of your sensitive data, and we want our security policy to be transparent as possible for our users. If you want to get any additional informations about security we are happy to share them with you. Just write an e-mail to and we will reply as fast as we can.

Today good data transmission and storage security is highly critical for any enterprise, and that is the reason that we have taken all measures to protect all your informations.

Nearplace data centers are protected with highest standards, so you can sleep well without stress about your data.

Personnel at Nearplace have access only in their respective days and day to day work. If they decide to leave the company they are required to maintain confidentiality, so there is no risk of any data leak.

Developers of our program are very careful when they are working with stored customers data, while maintaining highest security standards of the company. We have employed security protections which ensure safety of the data storage and transmission. All of our connections are encrypted with high level 256 bit SSL protocol which guarantees highest security.

To use our website or its certain services by logged in users we require to provide personal data. In such case refusal of providing data, providing false data, lack of consent for processing the data or withdrawal of the consent prevents the user from the use of full website’s functionalities or its certain services.