Public Beta is Available

We would like to announce that on the 12th of March 2018 the Public Beta of our NearPlace app is launched!

After many months of work and tests, we decided to release our application for everyone who is interested. With today’s day, we would like to announce that the closed beta is completed and that we have opened a new account registration at

During the period of Public Beta, the prices of our premium subscription are attractive low and Basic accounts absolutely free!

The NearPlace team has steadily been adding features to the locator application since our project launched in 2015. Now we have a fully functioning place locator with many basic and advanced options Since Closed Beta started we added Custom Hours and News Add-on and second locator type, we redefined our interface and do it more user-friendly and clear. We still are working to improve efficiency and liquidity of app, and develop further functions listening to the needs of our clients.

The time has come to put the applications to light!

Best regards,                                                                                                                NearPlace Team