How To Add Store Locator or Google Maps to Wix as a Script

Fast How-to

Step 1
Go to

Step 2
Find Settings

Step 3
Go to the Tracking & Analytics.

Step 4
Click “+ New Tool” in the top-right corner.

Step 5
Choose “Custom” option.

Step 6
Generate Nearplace code from the SaaS.

Step 7
Paste the code snippet into the first field.

Step 8
Set the tool name.

Step 9
Decide if you want to add code to all pages or not.

Step 10
Choose code placement

Step 11
Check if the store locator appears in your tracking tools.

Step 12
Installation is done.

About Wix

Wix is a company which was created in an Israel. In recent years it brought many customers and the number of users is still growing thank to its intuitive interface which allow you to drag and drop elements so even beginners can use it, and also it allows to create websites using HTML5 so both, coders and non-coders might find there something for themselves. It has a lot of features which might make your store more competitive with others. But as every online store, you need to have a professional store locator which will allow you to manage easily multiple places. That’s why we will try Nearplace to check how it works with Wix websites.


Installing a store locator as a script

Installing a store finder app might look really scary at the beginning after seeing so many options available. No worries, it is really simple and we will tell you how to set our store locator – Nearplace, in a few minutes. First, you need to go to settings tab.


Once you expand the list of the settings you should choose tracking & analytics feature. Wix will ask you if you want to save your website first because you might lose your current changes when you will be redirected to the dashboard.


If you are moving for the first time to the dashboard the Wix will also ask you about your domain. You can insert your own domain if you have one, or just create a Wix domain.


After doing all things which are required when you want to create a new website, we finally head to the tracking and analytics tools. Because only from this tab we can add a “new tool”.


After you click on the blue button there will be displayed a list of many possibilities, if you want to add a store locator through a JavaScript code, you need to choose “Custom” option. If you still don’t know how to generate our code, you should learn it from the special GIF created for you.


It is really simple to add a code to the Wix Website, you just need to:

  • Paste the code in the special field,
  • Set the tool name,
  • Choose if the code will be added to all or to specific pages,
  • Decide where to place the code(head,body-start, body-end),
  • Apply changes.

Now you should notice our store locator in your tracking tools. You have a possibility to turn it on and off whenever you want. The only disadvantage of the Wix is that, even if you only want to try to add a tool, you need to buy a premium subscription, even if its cheap, still I would rather have at least 1-day trial or something similar which would allow me to add a script and check if the website will support my store locator.

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