How To Add Store Locator or Google Maps to Weebly Website as a Script

If you manage your online stores through Weebly, you should also learn how to install a store locator which will make things much easier.

How to add a store locator feature to the Weebly website

Weebly is an e-commerce platform really similar to the Shopify, but it is more rather for creative and small businesses who want to have their website but without really high costs. Also, the interface of Weebly is really friendly and intuitive so you can get used to it really fast. We will focus on adding our own store locator to this platform. Nearplace is still being confirmed on the Weebly marketplace, so you can’t install it automatically yet. If you would like to try Weebly there is a nice option possible. You can create your own domain with their subdomain for free. The only thing you need to do is to confirm your phone number and to insert an SMS code to be verified by the website.weebly-logo

How to add new plugins to the Weebly?

You can add new plugins in really easy and similar way to the WordPress or Shopify. You just go to the Weebly marketplace, choose the app which interests you and connects it with your own shop. Then you can find the app in your interface and use it on your website. You should not have any issues with it since it is fully graphical UI and you just need to follow some steps of the installation. You should notice that some apps are completely free and some apps are paid, but they are really optional when it comes to creating a website.


Is it possible to add store locator app with a code?

Even if you can’t install Nearplace through the marketplace of Weebly it’s really simple to embed a code to the specific page on your website. You just need to click on an “embed code” button which is marked on a screen below. If you still don’t know how to generate our JavaScript code, you can read about it more in our tutorial about adding a store locator to WordPress.weebly-embed-code

Once you click it there will be displayed a window where you can paste your HTML and JavaScript code and…yes, that’s all. I think it is the most simple adding code from every platform. After adding Nearplace to the website, now you can fully manage multiple stores or locations which can offer a different kind of services or place types. We can easily say that adding a store locator to Weebly is as simple as Nearplace configuration, so both platforms should work really well with each other.

Does the store locator work after embedding a code?

Totally, Nearplace is compatible with all possible cms and e-commerce platforms, to make your life easier, so with Weebly, it also works pretty well. As a proof, you can even check a screen below with our awesome widget which displays multiple store listings which you added through our SaaS.


If you have any questions or problems with adding a Nearplace or other apps through JavaScript code, don’t be scared and leave us a comment or some feedback thanks to which we can improve our articles and apps! If you want to try our store locator app you can register here.

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