How To Add Store Locator or Google Maps Module to Magento

Fast How-to

Step 1
Go to the dashboard of your website.

Step 2
Go to the “Content” tab.

Step 3
Go to “Pages” which are under “Elements” column.

Step 4
Choose the page which you want to edit.

Step 5
Hide text editor

Step 6
Generate Nearplace script code from our SaaS.

Step 7
Paste the code into the blank window.

Step 8
Save the changes.

Step 9
Open the preview of your website.

Step 10
f store locator works, installation is done.

About Magento

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms written in PHP. Magento has two different editions: Community and Commerce. The community edition is an open source type and Magento Commerce is a platform as a service. Also, Magento has two different versions, Magento 1 and Magento 2 so you need to be careful and check the version of store locator once you want to add it to your store. With the Nearplace, you can just add it through the script and it will work everywhere! Also, you must definitely check our article about best Magento store locators. Our tutorial will be focused on adding a store locator module to the Magento2.

Store Locator Module – Installation

At first, if you don’t have a Magento you can always use some demo versions to check how everything works. We were using demo from this website, so feel free to use it too. The dashboard looks pretty good and intuitive, thanks to it adding a script isn’t really hard.


You need to find on your dashboard a “Content” tab and then you can notice “Pages” section under the elements column.


After you are redirected to the pages management you can notice all the pages which you have created. We will focus on adding a store locator module to the Home Page.


In the action column you can notice a “Select” button, once you expand its list you need to click “Edit” option.


When we finally get to the page details, the easiest way to make your script working is to expand content edition.


Now you might be a little bit confused, because you see a normal text editor, and you are right. It won’t work if you paste the code here.


You need to press the “Hide editor” button, then you will see a code text. The good example is a visual and a text tab in WordPress, it is the same here. After you hide a text editor, you can paste your code into the blank window.


If you followed all the steps we have mentioned the installation should be done, now check how the module works on your page.


As you see the script installation is really simple for Magento2 and there might be other possible ways to do it, if you would like to install Google Maps, it is the same, you just need to paste other code. We chose the easiest one which shouldn’t be an issue even for total beginners. Remember that the store locator module is really important for your online stores, thanks to it you can increase the number of your customers, and help him to get information about your places in a really easy way. If you want to try a store finder, we recommend you Nearplace, because you can use it for free!

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