How To Add a Store Locator or Google Maps To Squarespace

Fast How-to

Step 1

Step 2
Go to the “Settings” tab.

Step 3
Click “Advanced” tab.

Step 4
Choose “Code injection”.

Step 5
Get the code from the Nearplace SaaS.

Step 6
Paste the JavaScript code into header/footer.

Step 7
Save changes.

Step 8
Installation is done.

Step 9
Check if the store locator works on your live preview.

About Squarespace

Squarespace is an American software as a service(SaaS) which will allow you to build your own website with its own hosting. When you create an account, you choose the template of the website which interests you at the most and you can start editing it for your preferences by drag and drop elements. If you want to try Squarespace for free, you have a possibility to start a 14-day trial which doesn’t require your credit card.


At the beginning you need to choose the template which fits you the best, then you can start editing a website.


The interface looks really intuitive so adding a JavaScript code to the template shouldn’t be that hard.


Installing a store locator with a script

Squarespace offers a lot of options which will allow you to make your website really competitive. But in our tutorial, we will focus on how to add a store locator app or Google Maps with a JavaScript generated from our SaaS.


It is pretty easy and it should take around 3 minutes to install a Nearplace on a Squarespace website. You can notice you have a live preview on the right side of the interface so it is really useful when you can see every change without any previews which open in a new tab.


You need to choose “Settings” options which you can find on the menu, go to the “Advanced” tab and then move to the “Code injection”. In this tab, you can paste your own code into the header, footer, look page and many more. I think it is the most simple interface which I ever saw. You just need to paste your code without searching any files like header.html or something else. There is also no code, so you don’t have to be worried about messing with some other elements of the website. This SaaS is just perfect for total beginners but it is also really comfortable for people who already have some knowledge about the coding.


Once you paste the code to the Squarespace and if the installation is successful you should notice a Nearplace store locator app in the live preview. To make sure everything is ok, you can also just check the overall preview of your website to see if the locator fits it or not, but Nearplace is really responsive so there shouldn’t be any issues with our store finder. There is no difference between installing a store locator and Google Maps, so if you choose to install your own map, just do the same but with the proper code.


As you can notice in our case the installation has ended successfully and we hope you will end with the same effect. If not, leave us a comment or type to the support and we will help you as fast as it is possible.

Remember the store locator app is one of the most important elements on your website if you run a business with multiple locations. Thanks to it your customers may easily check opening hours, available services and much more information about your stores, restaurants, etc. If you think we have missed something important, please leave us a feedback, so we can improve!

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