How To Add a Store Locator or Google Maps Extension to Joomla

Fast How-to

Step 1
Go to control panel of your website.

Step 2
Select “Templates” tab from the dashboard.

Step 3
Once again select templates, not styles.

Step 4
Click on the title of your current template.

Step 5
If you want to add a store locator to the main page choose an index.php file.

Step 6
Generate the JavaScript code from Nearplace SaaS.

Step 7
Paste the code above the </head> or </body> section.

Step 8
Save changes.

Step 9
Check the preview.

Step 10
If everything is fine, the installation is done.

About Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) which help a user to create his own website. Joomla is a free software so this is a big advantage, but of course, some plugins for it are also free and some are paid. It has a really intuitive interface which you can learn really fast, the only harder things are code modifications, but it is not necessary to create a really good, and user-friendly website with coding.


If you don’t have your own hosting yet, you can try Joomla on their special demo website which resets every 90 mins. In the tutorial, we will focus on how to install a store locator and Google Maps extension to Joomla.

How to install the Joomla extension as a script

First of all, you need to generate a special JavaScript code from our SaaS. The only required thing is a registration on our website where you can easily get a script which interests you. Just check the GIF below and you will know everything in a blink of an eye.


Now, when you have a code generated, you need to find on a dashboard an option “templates”.


Once you click on it, there will be displayed all the templates that you currently have in your CMS. At first you can notice “Styles” tab, but we are interested in “Templates”.


As you can see, there are little previews of your templates. Click on the title of the template which you want to use, select index.php file, and paste the code above </body> or </head> it depends where do you want to locate your store locator. After you’re done with coding, save changes and you can check on the website preview if the extension is working.


As you see it isn’t that hard if you know where to find a file which interests you, of course, it doesn’t have to be index.php, you might want to modify other pages, but the rule is the same everywhere. Pasting something is quite simple, to be honest, it just must be a right place. We have pasted our code above the </head> and you might see effects below.


Summarising, Joomla is a really friendly CMS which doesn’t require much coding knowledge, if you want to use basic solutions and extensions. If you have any questions or tips about what we could have added to our tutorial, leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer it!

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