Best Wordpress Store Locator Plugin (Free & Paid) 2018 Edition

Are you looking for a store locator plugin? Not sure which one you should choose? We have prepared a guide with the best 10 free and paid store locators which might help you to make a decision. Let’s start with totally free plugins. It means you can use their basic or full features without any cost.

TOP 10 Free Store
Locators for WordPress

10. b – Locator


b-Locator is an interesting plugin which uses Google Maps. It was downloaded over 200 times and has around 10 active installations and has no rating on WordPress market, but on the other website we have found 11 positive ratings which make this plugin worth to check and try. Overall plugin looks pretty good and has a simple UI where you can set most of the important things to your own store. Worth to mention is that last update have been done 7 months ago, so probably developers still want to upgrade functionalities of the plugin.



b-Locator has simple and basic features which easily might be added through UI, which is showed on the GIF above. Of course you can add your location, and filter it by categories. Another feature is the possibility to search for a specific location, set some things like zoom level or setting height and center of the map. It might be really useful to configure store locator for your own preferences.



A simple plugin for a simple developer who like simple solutions. It is the best description of b-Locator. It is also a great tool if you have only one website and want to try store locator from the beginner level.


9. LocatorLTE – Premium Store Locator


The name of a plugin might be misleading because it is a plugin with FREE premium features. Maybe a developer wants to tell us that the plugin could be a premium because of its features, no idea. Anyway, with an average rating of 5/5 (only 2 reviews though), LocatorLTE looks nice even if it hasn’t many active installations which are below 10 and it has only 83 total downloads.  But the plugin has been updated 2 weeks ago so we might notice a developer still wants to improve a plugin and add some features in the future.


There are some interesting features which might be useful on your store website like creating searchable lists, customizing markers – you have a possibility to create your own marker or just use one of the defaults. Worth mentioning is also auto fetching of longitude or adding your own custom fields. In the newest “Premium features for free” added recently, we have options like adding cities and assigning them to specific locations and location filter by cities.


The UI doesn’t look hard to manage, you just need to enter a search location and then the longitude and latitude will be automatically calculated. So it’s an easy solution for non-programmers who just want to have a nice store locator on a website. Just check it on a below screenshot so you can notice on your own if it’s a UI for you or not.

From the developer’s website, we can read that the plugin is mobile friendly, so there shouldn’t be any issue on any device you have.


Locator LTE – Premium store Locator hasn’t many followers at the moment. Another thing is this store locator hasn’t many features yet and they are still being updated as we could have noticed on their WordPress website but it’s really practical and easy in usage plugin. So if you are looking for a simple solution with easy UI, you might want to check this one.


8. As Store Locator


As Store Locator by Alfio Salanitri is a free and really extended plugin with an intuitive interface which makes the plugin easy to configure. It hasn’t been reviewed or rated recently, so we can’t really rely on other users in case of this store locator. Almost 2000 downloads and 60 active installations don’t make the plugin the most popular, but it doesn’t have to mean about its quality. In our opinion As Store Locator is a solid choice, especially when you love many features.



There are some back-end features worth to mention about. We will not type about all, but about the most interesting and useful ones. You have a possibility to add a store, category with a custom marker icon and change the marker image size. The plugin also integrates with shortcode in any page, and you can change colors.  As Store Locator also gives an interesting possibility to enable UI with Map Type Control, Street View and a Scroll Wheel. Last worth to mention feature is a support for both distances in Km and in Miles.


If it comes to front-end features there are also some of them like choosing store categories, setting a radius or searching store by some values like title, city etc. The entire front-end is
based on Ajax.



7. WooCommerce Store Locator with Google Maps


As other store locators, WooCommerce Store Locator by FME Addons gives you a possibility to add physical store locations. Although it hasn’t been updated for a year the plugin still has over 100 active installations and almost 3000 total downloads, not a bad score. You have both, premium and free features in this store locator, but we are going to focus on free ones.



The plugin has many free features which allow you to add unlimited store listings, advance store search and some SEO features. You may also use shortcodes in the free version and customize your map markers and store landing pages. Nice thing to mention is that you have a possibility to select a radius. Nice thing to have is a Get Direction Button which you might customize to help a customer understand your store locator way easier.


If you want to see how WooCommerce Store Locator works you should just try free version and check if features fit you, there are many of them which were mentioned higher.

If you value your time you can go ahead and use their demo to see how it looks overall in like 2 minutes.


Sadly, there are only one review and rating (4 stars) so we can’t really judge the plugin basing on it. As we said before, the best option will be just to check it on your own.


6. Themify Store Locator


Themify Store Locator has almost 2000 downloads overall and haven’t been reviewed or rated yet, so as with Nearplace we are going to test it on our own. The latest update have been taken 3 months ago, so it looks like the developers of the plugin still care about its improving. It is a good sign for people who want to use it, because a plugin without any updates becomes useless later. Themify Store Locator has above 300 active installations, so we might guess the plugin still has many fans of it.


Key features

  • Possibility to add unlimited actions with custom descriptions, addresses and phone numbers.
  •  Special store list layouts which allows you to display all locations in special columns.
  •  A store map which helps to display all locations on a Google map with a map tooltip.
  • Can generate location shortcodes, automatically.



Themify Store Locator has not many features to deal with but still is a really attractive plugin for a store, especially for people who are not common with programming and look for easy solutions. Thanks to nice and simple graphical UI you can do everything with a basic knowledge of websites. As it was said before, unless you try it on your own you will not know if it fits you or not.


5. Gwebpro Store Locator


Even if this plugin wasn’t updated for 2 years it is still a popular choice within developers and, as a proof we can notice over 400 active installations on wordpress websites and over 12000 downloads. Gwebpro store locator is a really flexible choice which doesn’t requires any other programs. Also UI isn’t too complicated so a person with some knowledge should get on well with it fast.

Gwebpro offers us many free features, but also some paid functionalities. We will only focus on the free ones.


Free features include option of adding unlimited stores to your website and searching nearest stores. You can even locate IP of visitor in your store. The plugin might be useful once you have many of store categories and if you want to create them you are available to do it with free features of gwebpro. Of course you may upload store images, details about it or just give an opportunity to customer to search stores using e.g City or Zip. The last important feature is that the plugin allows to show a customer direction from current location to the store.



Standard version of Gwebro maybe doesn’t have a lot of features but we are pretty sure enough to make your own store locator and to show customer where are the stores for which he is looking for and even show him a direction to the closest one.  Good plugin if you are looking for simple installation without any other programs.


4. Locatoraid – Store Locator Plugin


Locatoraid is a free plugin with some premium features, but we will focus on the free ones.
Store finder Locatoraid is easy in a configuration plugin which you might use right after installation. You can just start adding your locations and automatic function will find coordinates for you. Of course, as a good store locator it works worldwide thanks to google maps. The plugin was downloaded already almost 50000 times and has over 1000 active installations which make Locatoraid one of the most popular store locators.


Nowadays, the tool must work on every device, otherwise it will not bring all potential customers. For example:  I’m out of home and I forgot to check location on my computer. What will I do? I guess, I will just check it on my phone? Doesn’t work? You lost a customer. That’s how it works now. Thankfully Locatoraid does not have any issues with being responsive plugin. It works perfectly for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and for every device like desktops, laptops or tablets.


Shortcodes will help you to configure things like default search text, search radius, view layout, limit to a state or a country, and many more without any programming knowledge. That’s why Locatoroid is a really simple plugin. Everyone can use it. You may also configure the style of the map to make it more comfortable for your website. There is nothing to summarise in case of Locatoroid. Everything has been said higher. Easy and comfortable Store Locator especially for non-coders.


3. Simple Locator


Simple Locator has been a popular plugin for the wordpress websites with almost 14000 total downloads already. The plugin has received 15 reviews and ratings which have mostly been positive. The average rating of the Simple Locator on wordpress site is 4.7/5 and the last update took a place a year ago. Even if plugin has not been updated for a long time it still has almost 1000+ active installations which is a good score. The big advantage is that all features of the plugin are totally free without any requirements to register to the website of its own.


The widget has only basic options like changing a title, distance options, and the height map. And it is not really that easy to configure for beginners, but if you are a developer, you can customize many features and callback functions of your map. You can use your own Google Maps API formatted style array for full customization over the appearance of your maps.


Although you are not a developer, you still might use many features of the plugin, thanks to shortcode options with which you may easily configure many things on the store locator. There are many features, so we will mention only a few interesting ones like: available distances, map height, map container, button text, address label and map controls.


Simple Locator is definitely one of the best free plugins, but also not one of the easiest ones to manage, it has many features which might be useful for store locators and have good reviews, so if you are happy to try we will not stop you.


2. WP Store Locator


The most popular Store Locator is here. With total 310 100 installations, it has no opponent in this case. Over 40 000 active installations covered with 203 reviews and average rating of 4.9/5  WP Store Locator looks like the most reliable choice, but of course something which is popular doesn’t have to fit you. So lets focus on checking their offer.



  • Really easy to install and configure. On the settings page you can manage templates, languages, address formats and other things.
  • You have a possibility to work on an unlimited number of stores, add basic information like email, phone number etc.
  • If you are a fan of a good map style, you are going to find there options like changing the colors, or you can create your own map style. Don’t like a basic marker?
  • 9 different marker styles to choose.

As many other store locators WP Store Locator provides some shortcodes to help you with fast configuration of your store map. There are shortcodes which might define the address details, simple store map, and opening hours.


If you are not sure about downloading the most popular plugin for your store, we advise you to try their demo which you can find on a WP Store Locator website to see some of features and styles of the map. You are allowed to click everything and see if it fits you enough or you want to move to another plugin.


WP Store Locator is a giant among Store Locator plugins, but it doesn’t mean it is the best. Everything depends on customer preferences which even this plugin can’t always cover. Also if you want to expand functionalities like CSV Manager or Search Widget of this Store Locator, you need to pay for them. For example some other plugins doesn’t require money for a good widget, as it was said, everything depends on what do you need and you should choose everything carefully to make your store the best.


1. Nearplace


Nearplace relatively new store locator but already worth to mention about.  It has not been rated or reviewed yet, so we tested its functionality on our own. Even, as a free user, you have many basic features which can make your store more competitive. It is also a great tool for non programmers because it doesn’t require any coding knowledge, there is only quick and fast installation to do. It is also navigating directions to your places integrated with Google Maps.


The best feature of the plugin is a widget locator which might be displayed on every subpage of your store. Thanks to it your clients may check the locations of your store in whatever part of the website. The widget is also displaying  your integrated stores. so the customer might find the nearest store, its opening hours, active promotions or contact your service department. Developers show in a really interesting way what is the difference between on-page locator and a widget. 

There is also available on-page locator which has every functionality of a widget and have a possibility to display a large map embed on the site, so it is a classic option of store locators where you just put everything on one of the subpages to display for a customer.

One of the biggest advantages of this plugin is that it displays correctly on every device you have, such as personal computer, notebook, laptop or tablet, so every customer might check your stores everywhere on every device you can imagine.


Free add-ons

Developers of the plugin also offer some available add-ons for free users like creating simple and complex contacts which you might assign to single or multiple places
such as working hours or a phone number.

Another free add-on is departments of contact which allows you to divide contacts for specific places into sections consisting of several employees.

The last free add-on allows you to easily mark stores with their type and include information about differences between these types.

Remember you can manage all those add-ons collectively or individually for each place and this is really comfortable and good option.

Important note: The plugin requires a NearPlace account, so you have to sign up on Registration is free.


Nearplace looks like a new awesome solution for people who are looking for simple to configure and really functional plugin. Only for free registering you gain many interesting free features which have been mentioned higher. Also the plugin is updated in very small gaps of time, so developers must really care about this project and we can just predict that in the future Nearplace will have much more features and add-ons than now.


Time for a premium versions of store locators which normally have many more features than the free ones.  But of course you need to spend money.

TOP 10 Premium Store Locators

10. Gwebpro



Gwebpro was mentioned already in free tools, but it is worth to mention also in paid plugins because of its premium features. As it was said before, it is a relatively popular plugin, but wasn’t updated for already 2 years at least at WordPress marketplace. The plugin also has an average score of 3.9/5 which isn’t the best score in the WordPress marketplace.

Premium features

Gwebpro offers really interesting premium features like :

  • Searching by categories so customer might find everything in an easier way
  • CSV import/export which is really basic premium feature for every plugin
  • Uploading custom map pointer if you have your own
  • Responsiveness for every device
  • Default map location
  • Possibility to change the search radius
  • Store details on the another page
  • The option to show or hide the map


Gwebpro premium features are nice to have but not always mandatory to be much more competitive, so unless you have a big needs a free version is enough, but if you want more you are welcome to check their plans for 50, 100 or 200 $ each with another number of features. We leave the choice to you because it will be your store locator and you want to make it looking the best.


9. Store Locator Widget


Store Locator Widget isn’t a really popular choice in the WordPress marketplace with over 200 downloads and 20 active installations but has really interesting features and positive reviews on their own website so it might be worth to try. On the WordPress site, there aren’t any reviews or ratings yet. The plugin was updated 5 months ago, so the project is still being upgraded.


The Store Locator Widget has some really interesting features like a nice opportunity to choose between 6 different layouts to suit your website perfectly. A really good optimized tool for designers where you can choose beautiful colour schemes, a button designer and background colours.

There are also other interesting options like support for every country supported by Google Maps supports, distance calculators, responsiveness or automatic geolocation and many more. All these features allow you to build a really nice store locator and optimize it for your own preferences and it isn’t really complicated.


Last worth to mention feature is letting the customers rate your locations which might help other people see if your location is worth checking or not.



If you like to personalize plugin for your own preferences it might be a good choice. Store Locator Widget offers a really good support 24/7 who will help you with your problems. With the most expensive plan, you have a priority in the support so it might be a worthy choice. For this plugin you can choose between 4 other plans for 15, 29, 59 and 99 $, of course, the cheapest plan has almost no features and up to 100 locations and the most expensive has all possible features and a very big amount of locations.

Important note: To start a trial you need to create an account on Store Locator Widget website.


8. Storemapper


Storemapper is a plugin with many professional features, even if on WordPress marketplace it hasn’t many downloads (136) and more than 10 active installations they have many customers on other platforms so it is worth to mention them.

The last update has taken a place 5 months ago, so they still care about this project and will be upgrading it in the future what is a good sign for potential customers. There aren’t any reviews or ratings yet so we can judge the plugin only on our own experience. Friendly for non-coders.



  • The most important feature for sure is that the plugin works on every possible platform, so once you want to change to another platform there will be no any issue with Storemapper.
  • Like other plugins, Storemapper offers importing/exporting data via spreadsheets with automatic geocoding and de-duplication. If you don’t like CSV you can sync data from Google Drive Sheet.
  • Analytics tools which will help you to understand better your customers and see which store is the most popular.
  • Fully customizable with CSS, easy to work for a web designer, available also free map colour schemes.
  • Full support on every step on work with Storemapper.



Storemapper is a great plugin which gives you many opportunities to make your store looking attractive and competitive with others. If you think this plugin might be interesting to try you don’t have to buy it immediately. There is available 7-day trial with all plans, so you can check them out before buying or moving to another plugin.

You can buy one of 3 plans, the first one is for only 19 $ monthly but is without a majority of the key features and limit of locations is 100. The second plan for 29 $ monthly is the same as a previous one, but up to 1000 locations and there is the last one for 59 $ monthly but with all key featured and unlimited locations. We leave the choice to you.

Important note: To start a trial you need to create an account on a Storemapper website.


7. Bullseye Store Locator


Even if Bullseye Store Locator has only 1200 downloads and over 100 active installations followed with only one rating and review (4) it is one of the most popular store locators they just have other products for other platforms e.g. Facebook Store Locator, WordPress Store Locator.

We will focus on the WordPress one. The last update took a place 2 years ago, which isn’t a really good thing, but you are still able to use the plugin without any problems.



In standard features you may find options like creating and customizing your site, managing location data, responsiveness, unlimited custom attributes, locations and categories.

You can also display Google map above or next to the results list. An interesting feature is auto location detection using user’s IP or GPS on mobile devices which might be really useful for the customer. If you are looking for statistics tools you are going to find them here too.

Paid features:

  • Full API access
  • Territory search configuration
  • SEO optimized local landing pages
  • Coupon publishing
  • Event management
  • Blog integration.



It is an interesting plugin with some unique features which might help make your website more competitive and attractive to customers. If you want to try it out you have a possibility to start a 14-day Trial for Premium Web subscription.

At any time you can upgrade version of your plugin to the paid version which cost 150 $ monthly. If you are looking for some cheaper solution there is also Web Plus subscription for 45 $ monthly but without features like full API access and territory search. We leave the choice to you.

Important note: To start a trial you need to create an account on bullseye website.


6. WP Multi Store Locator



WP Multi Store Locator as the name says is created for a multiple number of stores. The plugin has almost 3000 downloads, so still a nice score and over 100 active installations, although it has 2 negative reviews which aren’t helping to get more customers.


The average rating of the Multi Store Locator is 1.5/5 but as we said earlier, there are only 2 reviews so they might not be really reliable. We have checked the plugin and it isn’t that bad as rating show and multi store locator is still being updated, the last update took a place 2 months ago.



You can find there some basic admin features for free like managing your stores, their categories or tags. There is also a shortcode to show the store locator or option of customizing your marker icons. Of course, distances are available in both measures(km/miles). As an admin of the plugin, you can also manage things like map width, map height, type, search options, radius, or street view.

If it comes to frontend features the plugin offers features like searching things determined by units(km/miles) or categories and there is a possibility to change your listing positions left or right.

There are some more features, but you might always check them on the developer’s website. The most premium ones are statistics thanks to which you can check which store was mostly checked or visited and the possibility to import/export your data.


WP Multi Score Locator is a good choice if you want to manage multiple stores, it helps to manage everything and customize to your preferences it is good in both: free and premium version, but if you think seriously about your website you should buy the premium version which costs 39 $ but it includes only 6 months of support from the developers so there is a possibility to extend a support to 12 months for 13.13$. For more details, we advise you to check their marketplace.


5. VO Store Locator


Even if many features of VO Store Locator are free we decided to put the plugin in the paid section because in our opinion to unleash its full potential you need to buy important premium add-ons. With almost 11000 downloads VO has over 400 active installations, so it is still not a bad score. Most of reviews and ratings are really positive, so it might be worth to try the plugin. Average rating of the plugin is 4.8/5(10 ratings) which is a really good score.



VO Store Locator has a lot of features, but most of them are basic ones which you can see in every plugin of this kind. Anyway, there are some worthy features to mention like integration with the Visual Composer or adding listings quickly to any page or post through editor button.

From the basic ones you have features like showing distance to current location, responsiveness, customizing things like fonts, markers, maps so make it more suited to your store and two types of distance(KM/Miles). You can also easily zoom the map or turn the display off/on and much more other features.


Premium add-ons are the things we want to focus on because without it the store locator isn’t that interesting and functional like the other ones. VO Store Locator premium add-ons:

  • Custom fields – You can add your own fields to fit your listings, which will show on the map pop-up later.
  • Track Visitors Stats – It is really interesting one because thanks to it you can check how customers like your store and check if they are coming back or see which store is the most popular. Easy to understand graphical representation.
  • Instances – thanks to it you can show multiple store locators on a different page with stores by assigning stores to tags, an interesting feature about which you might read more on the developer’s website.
  • CSV Import/Export – as the name says add-on allows you to import or export a CSV file with data.
  • Radius search – Useful add-on because of which user may adjust the radius search. You can search a maximum radius in settings.



Really interesting plugin with many free features if you want to see how store locators work, but once you want to make something more serious you should buy premium add-ons without the plugin isn’t that interesting. The price of add-ons is really reasonable, 24 $ for a year license or 99$ for a forever license.


4. Agile Store Locator


Agile Store Locator is a really interesting plugin, it has “only” almost 10000 downloads but over 2000 active installations! That means people must really like Store Locator by AgileLogix. Reviews and ratings also confirm it because, with 10 rates, the average score is 4.9/5.



Agile offers a lot of features, but we will mention only a few of the most important ones :

  • Assigning multiple categories to single store which almost every store offers.
  • Enable/Disable clustering.
  • Logo and Marker manage marker to make your store more interesting.
  • You can choose a distance unit Miles or Kilometers
  • Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location
  • Set default zoom for your map
  • Custom filter option
  • You can also show category icons instead of marker icons

And many more which might make your store more competitive, you can check them all on the website of the developer.



Agile Store Locator already is a very big plugin with many features which hasn’t that many downloads as the most popular store locator but have many customers who still use their features. As we noticed in the store you have a possibility to buy a regular license for 24 $ or extended license for 150$ to your store. If you want more information about the pricing or its extended features we advise you to contact with developers of the plugin.


3. SimpleMap Store Locator


The name of this plugin tells everything for it. Simple and easy to use the Store Locator with some nice features. It is really popular add-on which has almost 75000 downloads and over 4000 users, although reviews and ratings are mostly negative. The average rating of the plugin is 2.8/5. SimpleMap Store Locator has been updated a year ago but still have up to date functionalities so you don’t have to worry about it.




There not that many features, but it is still worth to try them. As in every store locator, you have a possibility to manage locations from any country thanks to Google Maps and add an unlimited number of these locations. Simplemap allows you also to organize locations by category or tags if you know PHP you might add your own taxonomies too.

Developers offer also marker customization and a really useful feature which is the possibility to export and import data via CSV or  WordPress core exporter. Last worth to mention the thing is the quick edit function which allows you to make changes in real-time updates to the location database.



It is really simple and easy to use the Store Locator with less and more basic functionalities which might be useful in your store. We recommend this solution for small stores which like easy and cheap solutions (30$). There is also the possibility to buy a premium support buy details are sent after buying a plugin. A nice option is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like SimpleMap Store Locator for any reason just let developers know and they will refund 100% of the cost.


2. Store Locator Plus for WordPress


Store Locator Plus for WordPress is one of the most popular premium plugins. It has 179 reviews and ratings and its average rate is 4.4/5  which isn’t that bad for that many reviews. Over 500000 websites downloaded this plugin and it still has 100000 active users! That only shows how strong position among store locators has this one.




The plugin supports tens-of-thousands locations, and also is fully customizable, which is a really important thing for developers who want to make their store locator looking more unique than other store locators thanks to HTML and CSS it might be possible with this plugin. But of course to have a full access via the admin panel you need to buy special premium add-ons. A big plus is also the support in many countries and languages and REST API which might help you build mobile applications or custom frameworks.


If the store locator is a key plugin on your website, we advise you to buy Premier Subscription for Store Locator Plus which gives you many extended opportunities like cluster map markers, results pagination, Location Search Influence for Google Address Guessing, choice of different styles for search form drop-down menus and many more which you can check on their website if you are interested.



Worth to mention are not only features but also with a subscription you get a live chat access with developers who you can ask about something related with the plugin, but they might not answer your questions immediately because they might be busy with coding so there is a possibility you may not get response really fast so Store Locator Plus recommends using tier one support at first. With a subscription, there is also a premium support forum which might help you in normal business hours. A response normally should take less than one business day. If you need a support priority creators to recommend to buy some additional support options which cost 0 – 300 $ depending on what you want.  


Store Locator Plus is a really big plugin which gives many features if you pay for them. At the moment Premier Subscription costs 275 $ for a year, but if you are there the first time you also have to pay a 225 $ sign-up fee so overall it isn’t the cheapest plugin, but it might be really worth to have plugin like this if you need a big amount of features like address guessing etc. Developers also access subscribers to pre-release features.


1. Nearplace


Nearplace is the plugin which we mentioned earlier in TOP 10 Best Free Store Locators but with the number of premium add-ons, they offer we had to type about it once again. The new plugin might be a really interesting choice since it offers new things and you may be more competitive with a new solution than with some already popular and basic store locators.


Premium add-ons  

As it was mentioned before Nearplace offer some basic features and add-ons for free which might be a good start and a possibility to check a product before buying its extended version. For free you could have had features like place types, contacts and departments for contacts about which you can read higher.


Now we are going to focus on premium add-ons:

  • News & Promotions – Do you want to place your new products and promotions thanks to store locator? With a Nearplace, you have a possibility to do it. You can add and manage all the news you want on every store
  • Custom Hours –  if your opening hours have changed because e.g. Christmas or renovation you can quickly add information about new opening hours for each of your places. Thanks to it, your customers will be able to see online your current opening hours. It might save you a lot of time and customers have a possibility to see changes immediately.
  • Product and Service availability –  thanks to these add-ons you may show the customer in which of your stores the product or service he needs is available. It saves a lot of customer’s time because he doesn’t need to go to the store to check if there is something which he needs. This add-on shows people that you care about them and it might make your store more popular.
  • Additional Information – There is also an add-on which helps you to type more optional information like wi-fi, parking places or card payments and whatever you want. Simple and really useful feature which also might save your client’s time.
  • Place Logo and Cover Photo Every good store needs a logo which Nearplace will not make for you, but it will let you to place a logo to your place page so customers might more easily recognize your shop thanks to that. The same goes with cover photos which you may add in the same way as a logo, thanks to it you can also show your place and it’s neighbourhood to your customers so they easily can find the place or just see if the store is in a friendly environment. Both will be displayed after opening details of the specified place.


Important note: As with free add-ons you can manage them collectively or individually for each place. Really comfortable solution.


The plugin has a lot of premium add-ons and features which might make your store much more interesting and competitive place. If it comes to pricing in our opinion, it is really reasonable. You have a possibility to have up to 50 stores with premium add-ons for 24 $ monthly. There are also more options with more possibility stores, but we will not mention each of them. If you want to check them go ahead and check it on the nearplace website.


We hope our research of the plugins will be useful for you to make a decision which free or paid Store Locator is the best for your website to bring customers and to make your business more competitive. Also if you don’t know how to install a WordPress store locator plugin check our tutorial How To Add Store Locator to WordPress as a Script or Plugin and we promise, you will install your new store locator in 5 minutes.

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