Best Shopify Store Locator (Free & Paid) 2018 Edition

The store locator app is an important thing for your website if you want to bring in new customers. That’s why we prepared a special guide with best Shopify store locator apps for you.

Let’s start with free apps. It means you can use their basic or full features for one or unlimited locations (depends on the developer of the app) without any cost.

TOP 5 Free Shopify Store Locators.

5. Metizsoft Store Locator


Store Locator by Metizsoft is a completely free app which allows you to make your store more attractive and competitive. It hasn’t been reviewed even once yet so we can’t see how other people like the app. No problem, we will check the app features on our own.



Features of the Store Locator by Metizsoft are really basic but at least you can easily manage it. The good thing is that you have there an unlimited number of store locations for free so it doesn’t matter how many shops do you have.

As in many other store locators, you can create your own easy search filters which will help customers to get information about the current store they are checking. The possibility of adding custom fields to each store is also a nice feature to have and the same goes for the responsiveness of the app. The only thing we are missing is a lack of customization so you can’t fully fit the store under your preferences, although the locating app overall looks really good. 



Store Locator by Metizsoft is a good choice for people who don’t really like to customize things. It is really simple and functional app which might help you to bring some customers, but we advise to check also other free apps to compare them to this one and then you can choose the best one for you. As with almost every Shopify plugin, we can say it is a good solution for a small business but not really for a big corporation.


4. Globo Store Locator


Globo Store Locator has both options: paid and free, but we will focus only on a free one which is available for one store forever. It has been reviewed only 2 times and one opinion is really positive and one really negative, so it is hard to judge the app depending on the ratings. We will try to describe as objectively as we can to let you decide.



The store locator can allow your customer to locate a store by many things like address or tags. Thanks to the app you can show the customer open times, days off, locations, directions, contact and many more. You have also the possibility to search for things by e.g. address or country. As in many store locators after clicking on the mark you might get contact details of each store which is really useful for customers when he wants to ask for something.

Once it comes to the customization you have available few features like changing your google maps style to fit your theme or setting store’s open times. Worth to mention here is that you can also import data through CSV files.



It is a good solution for a small business with only one store because if you would like to have more you need to pay for it which isn’t the point of the free apps. It has some nice basic features to make your store more attractive to the customer so it might be worth to at least try it for some time.


3. Rally Store Locator


Store Locator By Rally is another store locator app with easy usage. As a previous app, it has only 2 reviews with an average rating of 3. One review is really positive and one is really negative so we really shouldn’t judge the app depending on it. We are going to test features on our own to give the best objective opinion about the app.



The app has basic features but it makes it simple and easy to use. You have a possibility to use an unlimited number of locations of course powered by Google Maps. You can also import data through CSV file like in many other store locators. There are other options like auto-complete search, searching by distance or getting driving directions which make customer’s life much easier.

If you like a customization in the apps you are going to find there also some features which allow you to change some things like colours to match your theme. Overall the entire app is really easy to use and shouldn’t be a problem even for beginners.




It is a really nice thing from the developer’s side that they let people use their app for free, it gives people the opportunity to use it if they have only one location. There is nothing more to say, a simple solution for simple stores which want to be more competitive especially when you have only one store. Although it’s free you have a possibility to buy unlimited locations only for 5 $ and to be honest it’s nothing compared to the prices of the other stores so it might be worth to do it if you don’t want only one location.


2. Secomapp Store Locator


Store Locator by Secomapp is the most powerful app which offers free features. There are also paid plans, but the price only depends on a number of locations. With a free one, you can use 1 store location. The app has been reviewed and rated 269 times and has an average rating of 4.9! So we all might guess, it is a giant among store locator apps if it comes to the number of positive reviews. It also offers a lot of free features for one store about which we will type below.



The app has a lot of features so we will just mention the most interesting ones:

  • Customers can find or auto detects their current location.
  • You can see a full store list with a custom pin icon on a Google map.
  • Filter stores by tags.
  • Search stores by a distance.
  • Direction to the nearest store.
  • Possibility to switch the view mode between map and satellite.
  • A function of promoting stores with custom pin or banner.
  • You can set a default search criteria for your customers.
  • You can add marker clusters to google map

These functionalities were the most important ones and there are much more available, but we will let you to decide if you want to check them or not by installing the app. It has also a lot of customization features which we will not be typing about because there might be not enough space for everything. As it was said the best opportunity to check features is just installing the app especially when it is free.



Store Locator by Secomapp is a great tool to make your store really functional and competitive with others. Sadly the free version is recommended only for small businesses since you can have only one store location for free but still with a lot of features. So if you have a small store, you can use it or in case of a few stores you might check the free version at first and if it’s fine then eventually buy it (it is not that expensive).


1. Nearplace


Nearplace is a powerful store locator app with many free features which hasn’t been released on the Shopify website yet, but you can already use it by adding a code in the head section. We will try to describe every feature of the app to help you decide if it’s the right one for your store.



With the free Nearplace app you can create really simple contacts on your page and add them to each place individually or to every store if you have e.g. the same working hours, phone number or e-mail in all locations. We guess you don’t have the same contact data everywhere, so it is really useful because you can add information for every single place without any cost. Thanks to departments for the contacts you can easily divide contacts for specific places into sections consisting of several employees.

Worth to mention is also functionality which lets you describe the type of places, e.g. franchising store or official store. Thanks to it you can easily mark every store with their own type and give information to the customer about the difference between the types. Great thing there is that you can do it also for one or for whatever number of stores you want.



Free features of Nearplace are looking really interesting, you receive from the developer all the tools which you need to create a competitive store which might bring you more and more customers. We highly recommend free features, especially for small business which doesn’t include many stores, so without any cost, you can improve or just try the basic features of the app and later buy the premium ones about which we will type at the end of the article. Worth to mention is a design of a really useful widget and on-page locator which looks really nice and modern.

In our opinion, it is the best free app because you can have an unlimited number of locations without any cost!

TOP 10 Premium Shopify Store Locators.

10. Karibu Store Locator


Karibu Store Locator is a responsive Store Locator which as many others is using Google Maps interface. We can’t really judge the plugin depending on reviews because there is only one with a 3/5 rating.  Although not many reviews the Store Locator is looking nice so we are going to check it for you.



A nice option to have is a possibility to have an unlimited number of stores and Karibu Store Locator gives us an opportunity to have as many locations as we want. Of course, you can drag and drop markers to the specific location or create your own search filters e.g. “Wi-Fi”.

There are also options like creating custom fields, getting directions to shop, basic search filters by address, zip, etc. Once you want to change the tool to fit your own preferences you can also customize font colours, drop pin colour or HTML descriptions which is always a nice feature to have. If it comes to customizing you can also change the map size and other map options like zoom level. Last worth to mention feature is the possibility to export all shops through CSV file.



The pricing is simple. If you want to check the Karibu Store Locator you have a possibility to start a trial for a month and use it for one shop with limited functionalities. If you already decided to use it for your stores you can get all premium features for 9.99 $ with a limit of 50 stores. Once you want to use many locations with all possible features you need to buy a subscription for 19.99 $. Every pricing mentioned higher is a monthly cost of usage


9. ClosestLocator


ClosestLocator is a simple Store Locator app with some nice features which allow you to make your own store more competitive. It hasn’t any reviews and ratings yet on a Shopify website so it might be a little difficult to guess if the app is good or not. That’s why we are going to check its features for you.



Of course, like almost every app the ClosestLocator is fully responsive and works on every website platform so if you are going to move your website to another platform, there shouldn’t be any issue with ClosestLocator. With the app, you can easily add, edit and delete locations thanks to bulk upload. Another thing included in the offer is an automatic geolocation, which will help a customer to see how close is he to the nearest location. If you want to customize the app for your own preferences you should type to the developer and they might make it happen as they said on their website.



ClosestLocator offers 3 different plans with more or fewer features and locations limit. The cheapest one for 9 $ allows you to have up to 500 locations, bulk upload and chat & email support. More expensive one (19 $) offers a phone support, up to 2000 locations and search analytics. Except for these features, it is the same as the first plan.

The most expensive one has unlimited locations and searches to use and it is fully managed but there isn’t typed what it means. Probably with it, you have many more options to manage the app. As many other people, you don’t want to buy the app without trying it so you have a chance to use 7-days free trial.


Remember all pricing is in a monthly cost of a subscription which you can stop whenever you want.

8.  CobbySoft Store Locator


Store Locator By CobbySoft is an easy to use app with some interesting features which we will mention below. The app has only 2, reviews, but they are really positive with 5 and 4 rates. It isn’t much, but if some people are satisfied with it, you might also be a person who is going to like this store locator.



The app is nice to have because it’s really easy to use. You have a possibility to show nearest stores to the customer by auto detect location. Store finder might also autocomplete fields like search address so it is really driving friendly. There are also distance and service filters like in many other store locators. Worth to mention is that even if a user is busy or lazy he can one-tap almost all functionalities of the app which might be really useful

The store finder app is also easy to set up. You can easily import all store information in one go or adjust marker for your preferences. The developer gives also a really big choice of icons and map markers (100 for each). Of course, the app works on all platforms so you don’t have to worry about its compatibility. Last worth to mention feature is a custom map theme gallery.



A 7-day free trial with limited functionality might help you to decide if it’s an app for you or not. Once you want to buy the tool there are 3 options:

  • 1-50 stores with all features for 9 $.
  • 51-500 stores with all features for 19 $.
  • 501-2000 stores with all features 49 $.

In our opinion, the app is worth to try and if you just want to check how it looks you can use a demo created by the developer of the store locator.


7. Stockist Store Locator


First really expanded and popular store locator app. Stockist Store Locator has 18 reviews and all with a rating of 5! It means stockist must be a really reliable choice when it comes to storing locator apps. Although it has great opinions we are going to check it on our own and let you know if it is really worth to get this app. Also, many people type that the support of app is really fast, good and helpful.



There are many basic and unique features which might be interesting for you.

Let’s start with some rare ones:

  • Instant results with no prompt based on IP address
  • Instantly filter results by tags
  • You can change your map’s look with one click thanks to theme gallery
  • Multiple mapping providers

You have also many customizing options where you can add your own custom map to fit the site or your own map icons. There is also an opportunity to change the colour scheme in one click or to choose one of the available layouts. You can change almost everything you want with this app what is a big plus.

If you want to check how customers like your stores you have also analytics tools which will let you see which place is the most popular and where you should focus your distribution efforts. You can export the data to CSV file or wherever you want.



If you check how many features Stockist Store Locator gives, you will notice that a 10 $ for a month is a really reasonable price. The cheapest price is dedicated for maximum 50 stores without analytics tools and custom map styles. If you want to expand the number of stores and to have every feature you need to pay 20$ or 40$ for a month depends on how many stores you have. It’s fully understandable that you will not buy anything without trying it first so there is also a possibility to use a 14-day free trial.


6. Storemapper


Storemapper is a relatively popular store finder app on the Shopify. The app has been reviewed 25 times and there are only positive ones (4.9/5). That shows how nice app we are going to describe. Also, it has some nice features which are easy to use about which we will type below.



The most interesting and probably rare (compared to the other apps) features are ones like :

  • The possibility to import your data automatically through Google Docs spreadsheet instead of typical CSV files. You can add 1000s of locations without any trouble.
  • Interesting analytics tools which will tell you what things customers were searching for or which of the stores is the most popular.
  • Adding a store locator to the Facebook page.
  • Nice mobile UI with native GPS.
  • Many interesting colour themes for the map.


These features are the most interesting, but there are of course some basic ones like customizing your markers, autocompleting fields or responsiveness.

If you want to check more you should probably check the developer’s website.


Once you want to try the app you can use their 7-day free trial, which requires registering on a developer’s website. If it comes to pricing you can choose between many plans. The more expensive one you choose, the more features you will have available. The cheapest one starts with 19$ monthly and the most expensive one on the website costs 59$. If you want your own custom version of the app you should probably contact a developer.


5. Lifter Apps Store Locator


With 28 reviews and an average rating of 4.9/5 Store Locator by Lifter Apps looks like a really reliable choice for a store locator app. Overall the app looks beautiful and has some interesting features about which you can read below. There is also an available demo so you can check the app within 1 minute.



With this app, you have available many customization options like :

  • Changing text, font, colours to match your website as much as possible.
  • Many custom map styles which you can choose.
  • You may fully customize your map markers.
  • You can change everything with your own CSS if you are willing to.

Of course, the app is responsive, has driving directions and automatic geolocation like many others.

You can also find there interesting analytics tools to learn more about your customers or to distribute your products better. The interesting one is the heatmap on which you can visualize your data or you can just download the raw data for advanced analysis. These tools are giving you many options to improve your business and to bring many more customers if you use the data wisely.



The pricing is really simple. The more features you want, the more you need to pay. There are 3 plans: Basic, Pro and Ultimate. The first one is for a maximum of 100 locations and without features like custom map makers, custom map styling and custom CSS. It costs only 8$ but hasn’t many nice customizing options so your store will not be looking unique. We advise you to pay only 8 $ more and get a pro plan where you can already customize everything. If the most important thing for you is an analytics tool you will have to pay 25 $ because only Ultimate plans offer it.


4. Awesome Store Locator


Awesome Store Locator is a nice choice for people who love the functionality. You can find there some basic features which will allow you to help a customer to get to your store and some customizing options which will make your store locator prettier, but we will describe it below. There is only one review, but it is a really positive opinion (5) where a customer talk about the great support so it must be also a beginner-friendly app.



There are not many features described on a developer’s website. All options are more likely basic but the strong side of the app is its functionality. You get everything you want to create a nice store locator which will fit your preferences.

It uses geolocation and driving directions so a customer will never get lost. Of course, Awesome Store Locator is responsive, so there shouldn’t be any issue with using it on any device. It is also a good choice for non-coders because you don’t have to code anything to show the customer how to find you.

There is also possible data import from Excel files so you can import each of your locations with one click. Don’t worry fans of personal customization will find their options here also. Everything in the app is fully customizable so you can change your button colour or whatever you want.



You can choose between 4 different options for 9 €, 47 €, 59 €, and 229 € monthly (if you pay annually the prices are lower). The biggest difference between plans is a number of available locations and with the cheapest one, you don’t have the possibility to use custom map themes. Once you want to remove “Powered by” branding you need to buy at least a plan for 59 €. If it comes to the most expensive option there is the only difference in a number of locations which you can manage with the store locator app.

Did you decide to buy the app? We recommend buying a plan for 59 $. It will give you all the features for a good price. Remember, if you are not decided there is always a 14-days free trial so you can test some features.


3. W3 Store Locator


Store Locator by W3trends is one of the most popular store locators on the Shopify website it has been reviewed 52 times with a really nice 4.6/5 average rating. Once you want to get a trustworthy app for your store, it might be a good choice but to make it clear for you we will describe its features and pricing below.



Nice thing to have for sure is an unlimited number of stores, locations, etc. and W3 Store Locator provides it. The app is powered by Google Maps and gives interesting features like a possibility to set the number of locations you want to show customers when the map loads or search reporting thanks to which you can check which one of the stores is the most popular and better distribute your products. A big plus is the possibility to translate all the store locator text into the language of your choice.

Store Locator created by W3trends is also friendly for people who are not acknowledged with the CSS or HTML because instead of coding you just might change the layout and styling of the map by selecting a couple of options. You might also add your own search filters like Wi-Fi or opening hours without any limit. There are available some really basic features too, like importing and exporting files to Excel without any problem or fully responsiveness of the app.



In our opinion, the pricing of this app is the most simple one for all Shopify store locator apps. You just pay 7 $ monthly and get all the features and an unlimited number of stores. It is really cheap and good solution for people who want to have a nice app with interesting features for a really reasonable cost. Of course, if you aren’t sure about the app there is available 7-days free trial, which will allow you to check some features.


2. Bold Store Locator


Store Locator by Bold is the most popular app on the Shopify website when it comes to the reviews and ratings. It has over 344 reviews with an average rating of 4.8! This amazing score just shows how reliable bold store locator must be for its customers. Let’s see why it brought so many people and why they are giving so positive reviews about the app.



Store Locator by Bold for Shopify has a lot of features like :

  • An unlimited number of locations.
  • Drag and Drop pins to customize your store locations.
  • You can create your own search filters to help customers check if the place has e.g. Wi-Fi available.
  • Possibility to create your own custom fields for each location which might inform a customer about something.
  • Distance calculator which will calculate the distance even if you drag your location to a new spot.
  • Driving directions.
  • Basic search filters like address, zip, etc.
  • Possibility to import data which will allow you to add all of your stores at once.

Once it comes to the customization the Shopify app allows to change a lot of things like font colours, drop pin colour, units of the distance (KM/Miles) or HTML descriptions. You can also customize all the titles, wording, button text, map size, the layout and much more.

It gives a lot of possibilities to create a store locator for your own preferences so it might bring in more customers.




The pricing range is 0-60 $ because all the cost depends only on the number of locations which you need for your store. You can even have one location for free but with limited functionalities. The price starts at 9.99 $ and allows you to have up to 50 stores with all premium features. If you want to have an unlimited number of stores you need to pay 59.99 $.

All the prices are the monthly cost of the app. A nice thing is a possibility to use a 30-day free trial, so it is a long time to check features and see if the app fits your store.

1. Nearplace


Nearplace has also some really useful paid features which are really functional once you want to make a competitive and attractive store to bring the customers. The app hasn’t been released on the Shopify website yet, but you can already use it by adding a code in the head section. 



Nearplace offers a special module which lets you add and manage all the news and promotions without any bigger issue. It is really useful when you don’t want to add everything through a stationary store on a website. There is a possibility also to manage your custom hours, e.g. if something happened in one store and you want to change its opening hours Nearplace will allow you to do it.

With the app, you can also add your products and services and set its availability which is an awesome option to have. With a few clicks, you can add everything you want and decide if you want to make it available to a customer or not. It helps a lot and saves the time of a customer who might be not sure what services do you offer in your store.

Want to add some extra information to your stores like Wi-Fi, parking or a payment? You can easily inform your customer about those things with another Nearplace addon which is also really easy in usage.

The last thing worth to mention is a possibility to add the logo of your store to help customers recognize your places after opening details of the specific place.


Remember, you can use all these features individually for each place or for every store at once.


Nearplace offers a really reasonable pricing which will satisfy every user who wants to use this app. You have available all the features for free if your number of locations is not higher than ten. For more locations, you already need to pay but the price grows really slowly. You can get up to 50 locations for 9$ monthly, 100 for 19$/mo and 1000 for 29$/mo. There is also an unlimited locations plan which can cost you 39$ monthly but if you have more than 1000 locations it is really worthy for you.

In our opinion, it might be a really good choice for both: small and big businesses because it offers simple and extended features which are worthy of the price.

Hopefully, our special guide about the Shopify store locator apps helped you to decide which of the apps is the best for your store to bring in more customers and to improve your business. Also if you are going to have any trouble with installing the store locator app you can check our tutorial How To Add Store Locator or Google Maps App To Shopify.

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