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August 2018
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Best Magento Store Locator (Free & Paid) 2018 Edition


There it is. Our another special research for you! This time we will describe best free and paid store locators for Magento platform. If you are just starting your business, it is your first time or you just don’t want to spend money for extensions we prepared for you best free extensions for which you don’t have to pay anything.

TOP 3 Free Magento Store Locators

3. Google Maps Store Locator for Magento 2 by FME


One of the most popular extensions for the Magento is here! Google Maps Store Locator for Magento 2 by FME  hasn’t been reviewed or rated yet but looks really solid. We will check if the extension is that good as 1.x version. The extension works for version 2.0-2.1 and enterprise 2.1. Once you want to get this extension for versions 1.x you need to pay for it.


A nice to have feature is a separate store locator page which displays all of your stores and the extension created by FME provides it. Of course the module is also integrated with Google Maps so navigation is much better, for example you can make drive directions etc. You can also add basic information about your stores and thanks to them the customer might find your store in easier way. You have also the possibility to set a default zoom of the map or to manage your links(enable footer link, footer link label). Also you can customize your marker by adding your own image so the store will look more unique.

The biggest advantage of this free extension are SEO settings which allow you to optimize your store locator and thanks to it your store locator might be more visible to new potential customers. You can add data like title, SEF URL identifier, meta keywords, meta keyword, meta description, page Heading and page sub heading. It is really extended feature if it comes to the free store locators. If you want to see its features without installing the extension feel free to check their frontend and backend demos which are available on a website which was linked above. If the extension doesn’t have all the features you need, you can always type to the developer and customize the extension for your preferences, of course it might cost some money but you need to check it on your own.



The extension is great and totally free so we recommend you to try it and see if this extension meet your preferences. Although there are mostly basic features the SEO feature is really increasing a value of this store locator. The extension is also available for 1.x versions, but then you need to pay for it.


2. Store Locator by Limesharp


The most popular free store locator for Magento is here. Store Locator by Limesharp with 5 reviews and average rating of 5 looks like a really solid extension for people who look for a free solution for their stores. Last time the extension was updated in July 2017 so relatively long time ago, but it is still available for 2.1 versions.


The extension allows you to find your physical stores on a Google map and even if your company has physical stores or your products but not in your stores, you can also direct customers to these stores. You have a possibility to insert your stores via name, latitude and longitude thanks to it a customer see what store is the closest one to him. There is also available a search filter which might find your store by values like postcode, city or a customer can just use a geolocation which is the simplest option to be honest. Of course, as in many other store locators you can add your own detailed information like phone number, etc. There is also a possibility to import/export stores through CSV file.


The extension is a really useful one, especially for people who don’t want to spend much money, but we find it as a solution for small businesses with not that many stores, because features are really basic. Anyway, for the beginners or as we mentioned earlier small companies it might be a perfect extension which might bring new customers.


1. Nearplace


Nearplace is a great free extension which will be released soon on Magento marketplace, but you can already use this extension. The best way to do it will be to register and contact a support team. They will lead you what to do and you shouldn’t have any issue with installing it. As it hasn’t been released yet the extension hasn’t any reviews or ratings. The last update took a place 1 month ago, so as you can see developers really care about the project and improve it really fast.


The first interesting feature of the Nearplace is a launcher. The launcher is divided in 2 parts: a widget and on page locator. The widget allows you to show information about the stores on every page of your website and on page locator might be displayed only on one subpage, thanks to that you can choose which one do you prefer or just use both options because they work pretty well with each other. There is also place listing option which allows a customer to see the most important information about the nearest places and not only in the form of a list of places but also marked places on the map. The next interesting feature is a place page, it is special dedicated page for each of your stores which provides information like opening hours, sales, news and whatever you want to place here.

If you are not satisfied yet there are also available some add-ons for free which let you create simple and complex contacts and assign them to single or multiple places along with all the information you need e.g. working hours, phone number. Once you want to divide your contacts for specific places into sections there is also that possibility with the Nearplace extension. Last free add-on allows you to easily mark stores with their type, if they are from the other section. For example, if you have franchising store and official store, you can mark it so the customer might see if it’s your official store or not. Once you want to try Nearplace features we advise you to visit the website linked above and check the available demo.



As you can notice Nearplace provides a lot of features and everything mentioned above is totally free and available for unlimited number of locations.  The extension might let you build really competitive store which might bring more customers even with only free add-ons. Once you want to read more about Nearpalce and its paid add-ons we will type about it at the end of the article.


Once you are looking for a store locator with extended features you should check paid ones, because they offer much more options than free extensions but as you already know they might cost some money.

TOP 15 Premium Magento Store Locators

15.  Store Locator by V Group Inc


Store Locator by V Group Inc is another extension which will allow you to create your own store locator thanks to which your stores might be more competitive compared to the others. Sadly, this store locator doesn’t have any reviews or ratings yet so we must check it on our own but it might be interesting experience. Last update of the extension took a place month ago, so developers still really care about this project. Worth to mention is that the store locator by V Group Inc has both versions : for 1.x and 2.x variants, but they are on the separated marketplaces although features are the same.


The extension has most likely more basic than extended features, but they are still interesting and might be worth to try. You can easily add multiple stores manually or through the CSV file, the extension even provides a link to download a sample CSV file which might be uploaded to the Magento store through the store locator. Also store locator by V Group Inc validates if imported rows are fine or not, so you can notice the extension has really extended import and export features.

Once it comes to the basic features, if you install the extension it automatically creates a store locator page and where you can upload your frontend data. Customers have also a possibility to search a store by values like name, address, radius or a zip code. If a customer wants to be directed to the specific store he needs to enter his location and then find the direction so it isn’t the best solution.



As the extension doesn’t offer many extended features (except import/export) 49 $ sounds like really reasonable price. Of course, thanks to this extension you may build an amazing store locator which will be really competitive. A good thing is that the installation service is totally free and for 6 months of service agreement you have to pay only additional 50 $.


14. Google Maps Store Locator by PrashantBlog


One of the most simplest store locator for Magento is here. Store Locator by PrashantBlog doesn’t have any reviews or rating so we need to check its features on our own. Anyway the extension looks simple in both categories : appearance and management. The last upload took a place in March 2018 so the app is still being updated.


The module provides us more basic features and there aren’t that many of them, but it should be enough to create a nice store locator anyway. A big advantage is of course an unlimited number of locations and user-friendly frontend URL. If it comes to the appearance, the extension offers a nice tooltip with store information which your customers might really like. The store locator is fully integrated with Google Maps and if you have more than 25000 loads per day the Google Maps API key will be required.


We can notice on the marketplace website that the developer of the extension is mentioning few times how easily you can manage it. You have the possibility to use admin management, e.g. adding store information or fully customize your map in the easy way since it is 100% open source extension. A last feature worth to mention and in our opinion, really interesting one are settings for SEO optimization which you can use to optimize your map.


Since it is one of the simplest extensions the price also isn’t really high. You need to pay only 25$ and the module is yours. Once you buy the extension the developer gives you 30 days of free support and updates, if you would like to have a longer support you should type to the creator of the module because he didn’t mention it on the marketplace.


13. Store Locator by Chandansingh


Store Locator by Chandansingh is the next extension which we are going to describe, it looks like a simple and really easy in usage module for Magento stores. The extension as previous ones doesn’t have any reviews or ratings so we can’t judge it depending on people who has already bought this store locator. The last update took a place 4 months ago.


The extension has mostly basic features like possibility to add,view,delete or edit information about the store. To give the customer the best navigation developer of the extension allows to group stores in the same area on the map. Of course you have an option to use different pin icons to your stores, highlight promotion ones and categorize them. It allows a customer also to find the fastest way to the nearest store on the map so he can easily get to your place.

The store locator also lets you add addresses of physical retail stores to your website just in a few clicks and you can display each store on separate page using Google Maps.

The best thing about the extension is the easiness of the installation which doesn’t require any manual configuration and it is 100% open source so you can customize everything for your own preferences. Once you want to check how the module works there are available frontend and backend demos on the marketplace website which was linked above.



The extension has some really useful and interesting backend and frontend features so it might be worth to buy it, especially if it only costs 49 $ and the support is completely free what is a rare thing.


12. Store Locator by Alekseon


Store Locator by Alekseon in another extension for Magento which is worth to mention about. As many other stores it doesn’t have any ratings or comments, but we will check it on our own anyway. The extension was updated 4 months ago, so it means the module must still be upgraded.


Of course, thanks to the extension you can manage your stores. You have a possibility to choose between 3 different views : a single store, a list of stores and a list of stores with a map so the choice is various. The developer mentions that your stores will be visible on a Google Map so the customer might check easily addresses, opening hours, etc.of your places. Once they click a link they will have a possibility to see every additional information such as photos or descriptions. You can also easily connect the extension with the top menu without any trouble because the configuration is easy. If you don’t know the coordinates of the place you can just download them automatically based on the address

Once it comes to the customization you can upload your custom marker icon and if you want to manage your map design, you should use Google Map Custom Style Wizard which is linked on the marketplace of the extension. If you are interested with a Store Locator by Alekseon there are available frontend and backend demos.



The amount of the features is really equal to the price (45 $), so we can buy this extension for a really reasonable cost. Once you wish the installation service you need to pay an additional 40 $ and when it comes to the support a 3 month service agreement is free, if you want to have a longer one you should probably contact the developer since there isn’t any information about that. Summarising the extension has some basic features combined with a few extended ones so it might be worth to try if you want to make your store more attractive and more competitive in the eyes of a customer.


11. Store Locator by PurpleTree Software LLP


Store Locator by PurpleTree Software LLP  is a store locator which doesn’t have any reviews or ratings yet, but look interesting so we decided to type about this one too. It is compatible with 2.x versions of Magento and the last update took a place 2 months ago, so the developer still improves the extension what is a good thing to read if you want to use it.


The extension has some easy import and export features thanks to which you can upload data through a CSV file, if it comes to the export you just need to click on the export feature and all data which interests you will be exported to a specified file. There are also some easy to manage SEO settings which might help you to optimize store. For each story you might generate a separated page which includes information like: store location, address, phone number, image and description so just the basic ones.

Store locator also offers some customization options like creating your own friendly URL for customer and changing a title of the page. You can also set default zoom level, also with customizing options you can set if the map will be centered on a specific location or not. Last customizing option worth to mention is the possibility to upload your custom image for a map pin. Once you want to check the features of the extension there are available frontend and backend demos on the marketplace linked above.



Overall the extension is really cheap because it costs only 49 $ but also it doesn’t offer many really extended features, they are more likely basic ones which anyway will let you to create an awesome store which might compete with other ones. If you want to buy also installation service you need to pay additional 29 $. For 3 month service agreement, there is no any cost, but for 6 months you need to pay another 50 $.


10. Store Locator by NetBase


Store Locator by NetBase is a really extended store locator which provides many features about which we will type more later. Although it doesn’t have any reviews or ratings the extension look interesting and we will describe it just for you! The last update took a place in September 2017, so the extension still should work for every Magento platform.


You have the possibility to create unlimited number of store locations, easily add or edit store information like address, images, open times, etc. Once it comes to the customer he will be allowed to see a list of all stores which you placed on the map, get instant directions to any of your stores or determine rapidly the nearest stores. Also the customer might search stores by area and distance, check its opening hours and days off or see contact information like the URL of the website. Last feature worth to mention is address suggest by Google maps to the customer so he doesn’t have to type it manually. There is possibility to show a street view to the customer if he wants but it isn’t that useful once he has an address and navigation to it.



Compared to the previous prices we might tell that cost of the Store Locator by Netbase is an average one. It has only community edition which will cost you 107 $ if you want to buy it. If you wish to have a 6 month service agreement you need to pay 40 $ and in case of 1 year agreement the cost is 80$.


9. Dealer Store Locator by BrainActs


Dealer Store Locator by BrainActs is another store locator which we will describe. Like all previous ones it doesn’t have any reviews or ratings. The last update took a place in August 2017 but the extension should still be available for Magento platforms and work without any issues, the current extension  is compatible with 2.1 version.


Dealer Store Locator has some nice features which might make your store more attractive to the customer. The first one is a customization which allows you to change the style of the Google Map so you can make your store more unique. Another feature is the possibility to see two different modes for the store search page : grid and list, thanks to it you don’t need a developer to manage it. Once you want your own separate page to help your clients to find more information you can just simply create it. An especially useful feature once the dealer/store doesn’t have its own website.


When you create and enable page you can easily add information like name, description, photo, etc. Extension also has an easy import feature, in Magento admin you may find a sample file which you use to add a big amount of data. It isn’t described enough to tell you how it fully works, but importing might be really useful once it comes to the big number of locations. Of course, everything is responsive. If you want to learn more about the extension we advise you to check frontend and backend demos which are available on the marketplace of the developer.



The extension is relatively cheap (compared to others) so it might worth to try all of these features and see if the module is for you or not. Cost of the Dealer Store Locator by BrainActs is only 99$ so compared to the other extensions it is a cheap one. There isn’t any information about the cost of the support or the installation service so we guess it might be free. We advise you to contact the developer in this case.


8. Store Locator by Azaleasoft


Store Locator by Azaleasoft is another interesting extension for Magento which we are going to describe. Although it also doesn’t have any reviews we will check its features and objectively tell you if it’s worth of not. The last update took a place in the August 2017 so it is a little bit long time, but the extension still should be available for 2.1 version.


The extension doesn’t have many features, but all of them are functional and they are enough to build your own competitive store locator. There is an interesting feature which allows you to build a connection between your online and offline stores. The interface of the extension which display store locations is really friendly user one. You can also display information like address, phone, website, etc.

When you want to customize your map you have some options on the Admin panel(the developer didn’t describe them on the marketplace). We have also some basic features like geolocation with locating customer’s position, searching stores by a store name or a direction to the nearest store. A big plus is that the extension is SEO friendly so it might be easy to optimize everything. Sadly, we can’t notice any demo available so it might be troublesome if you want to check some features of the extension.



There is only one possible edition to buy for only 70 $ so the price isn’t really high. Once you wish to have an installation service you need to pay additional 50$ so if you want to get an extension in easy way overall you will pay 120 $ for everything. There hasn’t been mentioned anything about the service agreement so it should be free, but we always advise you to contact the developer for more information.


7. Store Locator by DP Extensions


Store Locator by DP extension is next extension which might bridge between your online and offline stores. The module doesn’t have any reviews or ratings, yet but the description looks interesting, so we decided to rate it for you. The last upload took a place in July 2017 but it is still compatible with 2.0 and 2.1 versions. Let’s see what features it might offer to us.


The store locator allows you to create a physical store on a map and add its information like address, phone number and other details like opening hours or if the shop is currently closed. The extension also gives you a possibility to create an extra information like free parking, etc. so if it comes to the information you have a full control about everything.

Once the customer click a marker he might notice things like address, phone number, a button which opens a street view, a button which opens directions to the store from the customer’s location and a button which opens a dedicated page about the store probably with information about the current store. As you can see this feature is really extended extension which might give customers, many opportunities related with your store.


If you are wondering how it looks from the customer’s side, we will tell you. The customer has many possibilities like search stores within a chosen distance of their current location (in KM/Miles) , if they don’t want to use their current address they can just change their location without any problem. Customers can also choose if they want to see only open stores or the stores with certain attributes e.g. ATM machines, disabled access.

Last thing worth to mention is that the store locator is fully customizable. You have a possibility to change the size of the map, the color or image of a map marker and much more. For more information about the features we advise you to check the developer’s demos for frontend and backend features.


Store Locator by DP Extensions offers really interesting and many features which might be useful for a person who wants to make his own store friendly for a customer. The price of store locator is 189 $ and if you wish to have an additional installation service you need to pay 40$ more. In our opinion, it is really reasonable price for that kind of features. There is nothing mentioned about service agreement so we guess it is free or you just need to contact the developer in that case.


6. Store Locator by Krish TechnoLabs


A next paid extension which we are going to describe is Store Locator by Krish TechnoLabs. It will help you to connect your offline and online stores in an easy way. It is the first extension which has any review or rating! Anyway, judging only on one review wouldn’t be too objectively even if the only rating was 4 of 5 possible . Last update of this store locator took a place a month ago so we might notice that the developer still cares about the project and they are trying to improve their extension. That’s a really good thing, let’s read about some features.


The customer has a possibility to search your stores within a specific radius, zip code or many more. A customer might also see things like working days and store closing days so he can avoid coming to the store when it is closed, except opening and closing hours you can even set a lunch breaks! Of course when it comes to the basic features you have a possibility to add, edit or delete store details like address, images, URL, etc. Thanks to the meta insertion option the extension is also SEO friendly so you can easily optimize your website with this module. Remember – the extension is fully responsiveness.

Once a customer wants to switch a view he can choose between map and satellite view, also he has some zoom options like zooming the store location to get more information where the store might be located e.g. on the street. For more information you have available frontend and backend demos which should clarify if the store locator is for you or not.


The pricing for that many features is reasonable, at least for the community edition(99 $), but once you want some additional things you need to pay more and more. There is an available enterprise solution which costs 199 $. Installation service costs for both editions 99$ so it isn’t too cheap to be honest. The last thing to mention is a support – a 6 month service agreement is free but, once you want it for 12 months you need to pay 300$!


5. Store Locator & SEO by Extait Inc.


Once you are looking for a store locator extension with an SEO feature it might be a good choice to try Store Locator & SEO by Extait Inc.. It hasn’t been reviewed or rated yet, so we can’t really judge on the others, but we are going to check this extension anyway. The last update took a place 4 months ago, so the project is still being improved. The extension is compatible with 2.2 version.


You can create your own page which displays all your stores so a customer can browse them and read a quick info about each store like opening hours, address, contact info, etc. of course you can also add an image to every store so the customers can see if your store looks friendly or not. You can add unlimited number of stores and enable or disable them whenever you want. Thanks to the admin panel you can make quick adjustments and enable again store after a short matter of time


The biggest advantage of the extension is extended SEO feature which allows a user to add the URL key, meta title, meta description and meta keywords thanks to which you can optimize your store locator and help a customer find it easier. This feature should give you a lot of extra visibility e.g in the specified city. If you want to know more about this extension we advise you to check the store and admin demo ,thanks to which you can test some features and decide if you want to buy it or not.


There is only one version to buy which costs 99$ in our opinion it’s a nice price because the extension has mostly basic features but the SEO feature gives it a lot. Once you want to have an installation service you need to pay additional 55 $ and for 6 months service agreement 85$. If you want to expand your service agreement to 1 year you will have to pay 110$.


4. Store Locator by IWD Agency


One of the best Magento developers who is marked as a professional solution partner also has own store locator extension. Store Locator by IWD Agency is one of the most popular ones in the marketplace and with 29 reviews their average rating is 4,4 so it is not bad. The extension was created for a store or dealers depends on what you want. Let’s check its features.


With the extension by IWD Agency you are able to add an unlimited number of locations and add information to each of them. Once the customer finds the location which interests him there is a possibility to show him direction to the selected store. Customers are also able to search stores by a specific radius depending on their location. To make everything easier you can have a possibility to turn on auto-detect location which will save a lot of customer’s time.

Once the customer clicks on your store he might display basic information like name, phone number, address, URL, etc. As in many others extension he can always search a store by basic values like country, state, zip code, etc. If you want to upload your own file with this extension it shouldn’t be troublesome. Store locator support CSV import and after you upload your locations the extension auto-detects location’s latitude and longitude. We must admit that is really comfortable feature for an admin. For more information about the features we advise you to contact with the developers or check their frontend and backend demos where you can test how the extension works.



As it was mentioned earlier the developer is a really reliable choice since they are marked as a professional solution partner. Of course with the reliableness there also comes high price. But in case of community edition it is cheap, you can buy it for only 99$. Once you want to buy the enterprise solution you need to pay 500$ more than for community edition so overall it will be 599$. If you wish to have an installation service you have to pay an additional 85$.


3. Store Locator by Aheadworks


One of the biggest developers on the Magento who was awarded for most innovative extension development in 2016 has also a self-made store locator. Store Locator by Aheadworks doesn’t have any opinions or rating so we are going to take a look on our own. The last update took a place in October 2017, but the extension still should work on every 2.x version.


Once you upload your stores (unlimited number) the customer will have a possibility to see a full list of locations and have an option to search for a store within a certain radius of the current location or by a specific address. The extension also provides a special tab to the navigation menu of the store where customers can find the nearest store on Google Maps . The module also lets customers see their own current location or nearest store. If they don’t like the previous feature they can just type a location manually and they will be directed to the specific store they chose. A big advantage of the extension is a special meta information for best SEO results.

Once it comes to the customization you can set up your preferred map zoom or to add your own custom image and icon. For more information we advise you to check the developer’s marketplace and demos.



As you read before the developer of an extension is a known Magento builder even awarded for innovative extensions, so the price can’t be low, but in our opinion, it might be worth especially if you want to have a reliable store locator with a good support. The community edition costs 249$ and the enterprise one costs 749$, at least both of them have a free installation service. Once you want to buy a service agreement to the community plan first 3 months are free and then you need to pay 99$ for 6 months and 149$ for 1 year. The support for enterprise version is free.

Overall the extension looks really good but also is very expensive so we recommend it for people who are looking for reliable solutions.


2. Amasty Store Locator


Amasty Store Locator is another paid store locator which we are going to describe. It doesn’t have any reviews and rating yet but the extension looks like a worthy one to mention about. Also the last update took a place 4 months ago, so the developers must still be adding some new features.


Amasty was created to help a customer to see your nearest offline store on a handy map so thanks to it he might plan how to get to your place. With the extension you can add addresses of your stores and display all of them on a separate website page running Google Map. The extension also allows a customer to filter stores by values like distance to check which store is the closest to him.

Amasty Store Locator let you use features which will allow you to create a page title, friendly URL, add Google API Key or to define the search radius. Once it comes to the number of new store locations, there isn’t any limit, you can create as many stores as you want. You can also add things like description, phone number, email, etc. individually for each store or to edit values manually like latitude and longitude. If you want to check how the store locator looks there are available two kinds of demo: Frontend one and Backend one, you can notice links to them on the marketplace website which was linked at the beginning of the description.


Last worth to mention feature is map clustering, which will let you create your own shopping area. As every other store locators Amasty offers you the possibility to import data through CSV files.


Once it comes to the pricing, as we all know Magento extensions are not the cheapest ones, but for community edition you have to pay only 99 $ and in our opinion, it is still a reasonable price for a really extended store locator, but once you want to buy enterprise version you need to pay 299 $. Also, if you wish to have an installation service you need to pay additional 59 $. The last thing connected with pricing is a support where 3 month service agreement is free, but for a one year you already need to pay 139$. Summarising not the cheapest extension, but really worth to have since it has a lot of features.


1. Nearplace


Nearplace once again is here! We couldn’t miss the premium add-on of the extension since these features are really useful. As it was said earlier but maybe not everyone was interested with free extensions. Nearplace is not yet released on the Magento marketplace, but you can already use it. The best way to do it will be contacting the support so they might help you with installation and questions. Remember to use Nearplace you have to register on the website.


So in a big shortcut from the previous description Nearplace offers you a widget which display all the features on the every page you want or on page locator who can only be located on one subpage. Both work well with the each other so we advise you to use them together. You can also create a handy page for every place where you can add some information. Free add-ons mostly let you to type the most basic contact information, divide places into sections and to change the type of the places.

Now let’s go to the premium add-ons which are really extending features. First one gives you a possibility to place your logo for a specific place and customers after opening the details page will notice a photo which you inserted or there is also the possibility to show your place and its neighbourhood with a place cover photo. Once you don’t want to add only basic information and if you want to extend it by some additional data, with the premium add-on you can easily add new options like wi-fi, parking, card payment and whatever is available in your store.

Your stores provide a lot of different services? With the Nearplace you can add every specific service your store provides, such as repairs. Thanks to it a customer might notice which stores can repair e.g. his personal computer and which can repair his e.g laptop.

Except services you can also add product availability. The add-on works in the same way as a service availability so there is no point to describe it again.

Last worth to mention features are custom hours and news. Thanks to the custom hours feature you can give a customer information about some non standard hours because of christmas, renovation or whatever which made you changing opening hours. There is also the possibility to add your own promotions to every number of stores you want so the customer can see some news like -20% for everything is a specified store.



Pricing of the Nearplace is really simple if you want to use only basic features with free add-ons you can have an unlimited number of locations, but once you want to use premium add-ons the price depends on a number of available locations. For 50 locations you need to pay 24$ monthly, for 100 44$, for 500 74$, and for an unlimited number of stores you have to pay 144$ monthly.


Hopefully you liked our research about the best store locators and we helped you to choose the extension for Magento which will fit you the best. Managing Magento sometimes might be troublesome especially for beginners and non-coders so you should learn from our tutorial How To Add Store Locator or Google Maps Module to Magento in a really simple way.