Best Google Map Extensions for Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular free and open-source content management system (CMS), which has been created for publishing web content. Cross-platform developed by Open Source Matters since 2005 and as of may of 2018 has reached about 93 million downloads. Currently, it has available over 8 000 free and commercial extensions at its official shop. To one of the most popular extensions at this platform, belongs Joomla Google Maps plugins. They are really helpful add-ons, which are perfectly doing their job for the every more or less advanced user – that’s why especially for you, we have created a comparison of the best Joomla Google Maps extensions.


Top 10 Best Google Maps plugins for Joomla

1. NearPlace


NearPlace is one of the best, if not the best Google Map plugin alternative for Joomla. It is providing many features which for sure will improve the view and functionality of any website. This advanced store locator with the function of showing multiple locations is a great Joomla extension because of its possibility of displaying as a widget and on-page locator.


NearPlace offers a really nice graphic design and clearly to see a map with many functions (like adding multiple business locations to Google Maps) which meet the requirements of even the most demanding consumers. It has been created in the thought of many non-functional locators at very different websites, which are causing that the local stores are losing their clients. A real goal of this professional store locator is improving a comfort of use of every user and increase the turnover of businesses.

Worth to mention is that NearPlace is a totally free Joomla extension, which also occurs on many other platforms like a WordPress, so it can be commonly used without any problems.



NearPlace is offering many features which are necessary to create a very advanced store locator as it is.

To the highlighted features of this free Joomla extension, belongs:

  • Launcher – which as we said earlier, has 2 types of launching: widget and on-page. The first one you can display at every page without any problem in form of a widget as its name shows. The second one is displayed on only one subpage.
  • Place Listing – shows the nearest place you are looking for, and highlight information about it
  • Place Page – clearly to see, dedicated to shows important pieces of information about your stores (like up to date news, open hours etc.)
  • Add-ons – which allows you to create your very own custom locator (by many advanced options about which you can read here).



In our opinion, Nearplace is one of the best locators, which you can include on your website at multiple platforms – not only as the free extension for Joomla or alternative Google Maps plugin. There are a lot of irrefutable reasons, why it is on the top of the best Joomla extensions, but if you still don’t know how he became here, then you have to try it on your own hand – the demo version, you can find here. NearPlace beside all its nice features is offering private and safe Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), so you don’t have to worry about your safety with us – it’s all about your comfort. If you are really looking for the greatest alternative of Google Maps plugin for Joomla, then NearPlace is for you.

2. My Maps location


My Maps as the second place in the Top Joomla extensions is a Google Maps & Bing Maps search module, which is used to display place locators. This Joomla app is showing automatically how far is the customer from you or the place you have located. My maps beside its primary goal, allows you to easily usage of the map.



  • To the most important features of this one of the best Joomla extensions, belongs:
  • Responsive look with the possibility of bootstrap integration
  • 3 types of displaying: with a header, full width and sidebar
  • Designed pinpoint icons which can be added to a Google Map
  • Information of the latitude and longitude location
  • Display multiple places on a single map
  • The possibility of adding tags to locations and setup as filters
  • Cluster function
  • The possibility of choosing a map (Google Maps, Bing Maps, Mapbox)
  • An individual search module
  • The possibility of adding information about the location (images, description, hours, etc)
  • Display the direction of the route to the destination point from your place by automatic location



In our and the other 130 reviewers opinion, this paid Joomla extension is very simple and easily adaptable locator, which allows you to integrate your website with Google and Bing maps. In finally summarising, My maps has scored at the Joomla market, the 100/100 averaging at 6 categories – Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support, Value for money. If you want to try out this Joomla alternative for Google Maps module, then just click here.

3. Hotspots Pro


Hotspots Pro is a Joomla Google Maps module, which is on high level of configuration. This marker manager is supporting many various categories with different custom icons for any locations, which you can pinpoint on your own hand. Joomla map extension developed by compojoom, has been released for every single business – for e.g. it can be an office with multiple locations or hotel sites.



Most highlighted features of this Joomla Google Maps Plugin:

  • Multiple images upload per location with gallery display
  • The ability to handle 100k or 1M locations
  • Weather, traffic, transit, bicycle, Panoramio layers
  • KML support
  • Custom fields
  • K2 integration
  • Matukio integration
  • Each marker has an individual description, this can be added with or without a picture
  • The ability to create route planning
  • Mailing of the current map
  • 500 sample marker icons and own custom markers



Hotspots Pro in our and other 96 reviewers opinion, is a simple Joomla maps marker extension, which is easy to operate – set up out of the box. In 6 categories has reached 100/100 values (Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support, Value for money). The demo of Hotspots Pro – Joomla Google Map module, you can find here.

4. Phoca Maps


Phoca Maps has been created for displaying maps on site. By this Joomla Google Maps plugin, you are allowed to display one or more maps in 1 article – as the developer says, the idea of using Phoca Maps free Joomla map module is a fast creation of map on your site.



Phoca Maps as a Joomla map extension most important features:

  • KML support
  • Custom markers with a images
  • Multiple maps display (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Thunderforest, Mapbox and many more)
  • The ability to display one or more map on an article
  • Markers description
  • Multiple Google Maps on one page



By 69 reviewers which contribute to the vote of maximum points of 5 categories (Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support), the Phoca Maps is a nicely featured free Joomla extension with simple setup, which you can use without any problems on your websites. If you want to try out this Joomla Google Map module, then just click here.

5. Geocode Factory 5


Geocode Factory 5 as an improved Joomla top extension of previous popular versions, is a mapping component. An alternative of Google Map plugin extension for Joomla is using third-party items, to create a smart way to high boost level of comfort for every user. Geocode Factory 5 free base package contains the main component & related module and also the Joomla content article about gateway & geocode plugin.



Joomla Google Maps module features:

  • Geolocation
  • Dynamic radius search
  • Multiple map tiles (OpenStreetMap and any custom map)
  • Multiple settings (zoom, zoom range, size, locate me button and many more)
  • Clustering
  • The possibility of assigning maps into individual menu item or module position



In the opinions of 38 reviewers, Geocode Factory 5 as a free Joomla map extension is hard in use on a beginning, but by its many functionalities and flexibility, it is very helpful in usage. This Google Maps module also has support on the very high level, which is appreciated by the users and has the rating on maximum points like other 3 categories – ease of use, functionality and overall. Only lover status of points has documentation – 97/100 points. If you want to try it by yourself, then just click here.

6. HelloMaps


HelloMaps is a Joomla maps module, which is integrating Google Maps to the website without any problem. Developed by JoomlaForce Team with the latest update at 2016 is still supported. Specially created Joomla map extension, to giving possibilities of customizing each map through many features.


Main features of Joomla Google map module:

  • Custom maps, search and filters
  • Fast Response
  • Clustering
  • Marker Spiderfier
  • The possibility of Current User Position view
  • Street View
  • Custom Info window and Sidebar
  • Map Styler
  • 3RD party integration



By 38 reviewers, HelloMaps is a great Joomla maps extension, which is giving a possibility of adding Google Map to your website. Its provided functionality will work for most users, because of a narrow bunch of customizing options, which are making it easy to set up. Currently, this Joomla Google Maps plugin is having a maximum score of rating at 6 categories (Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support, Value for money). For the one who is want to try it out – just click here.

7. VMap


VMap is a massive configurational Google Maps Joomla 3 module. It gives a flexible possibility of putting many various data from your database on Google Map. VMap as one of the best Joomla map extensions has a very wide field of activity and by its many functions, it may provide a lot of amenities for very different advanced users.



  • Joomla Google Maps plugin main features:
  • Define Centre point and chose own zoom level
  • Pinpoints on the map can be added using Address or directly pointing it on Map
  • Ability to choose marker animation
  • Showing direction of the marker from your current position
  • Option to include own description with the name in Info window
  • The possibility of usage Traffic, Transit, Bicycling Layers on the map
  • Ability to Configure the control options
  • Multiple Google Maps on one page
  • Support responsive Templates and smartphones devices



There is no doubt why VMap is one of the best Joomla extensions. By 19 reviewers of Joomla official shop, VMap even with a lot of options is still not difficult in usage. As a Google Maps extension for Joomla, it is quite built map module, which allows you to add Google Map to your site. VMaps by WDMtech has scored 100/100 points at 4 categories (Functionality, Ease of use, Support, Value for money), 79/100 points at Documentation category and 98/100 points at the Overall category. The demo version of this Joomla Google Maps plugin you can find here.

8. Geommunity


Geommunity made by Nordmograph is a Joomla map extension, which besides adding Google Map to your site, offers host component to locate on AJAX Google Map 3RD party extensions. The Geommunity3 Lite for 3rd party extensions is having a really detailed map with all the features which some of them, you can read below.



  • Most highlighted Joomla Google Map module features:
  • Integration of 3rd party components
  • Integration of external KML files
  • Dynamic Integration filter on map
  • Dynamic custom clustering of markers
  • Teleportation or Address search field
  • Marker Search with Auto-complete
  • Directions and Itineraries on every marker
  • Map Custom Styling



Geommunity with a score of 73/100 in 5 categories (Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Value for money) coming from 18 reviews, is a Google Map extension for Joomla has some disadvantages like a large template file. But it is still a Joomla Google Maps plugin which is simple in use and in good hands is able to do many quite nice job. If you want to check it out by yourself, then just click here.

9. Linky Map


Linky Map is an advanced Joomla map extension, which the goal is to display a clean and well-designed map. To do that, its development – JoomUnited, hasn’t used any flash technology in the build of its Joomla maps module. To generate a map with custom markers and many more features, Linky Map used data from Google Geochart.



  • Main features of Google Maps Joomla 3 module:
  • Add custom pinpoints and coloured regions on maps
  • Display an HTML sidebar with an editor
  • Add a link on a marker or any other region
  • Customize tooltips with tile and description text
  • Display with an HTML sidebar description for the region or pinpoint
  • Responsive map with default zoom level



The last time when Linky Map has been updated was in 2017. Currently, this Joomla map extension has 17 reviews, which results occur in maximum points at 6 categories (Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support, Value for money). From the opinions of this advanced map plugin like Google Map for Joomla, are coming many satisfying users. The satisfy is coming from the simpleness of its usage and because of support activity. If you want to try the demo version of Linky Map Joomla extension, then click here.

10. Map Locations

Map Locations

Map Locations is a Joomla Google Maps plugin, which is providing many various features which are helpful for handling the pages. As the development of this advanced Joomla extension says, it can be used for showing a list of cities and places for any activities related to work and even with hobbies.



Most highlighted features of Google Maps Joomla 3 module:

  • Clustering
  • Adaptive map
  • 700+ custom map markers
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple maps
  • 130+ different map designs
  • StreetView



Map Locations can be last but not least at the comparison of the best Joomla extensions. The customizable functions and other very helpful features are making that, this is the one Joomla Google Map extension, which you will use when you will clearly want to show on your own whatever map-related comes to your mind. This Joomla extension has been rated 100/100 in 6 categories (Overall, Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support, Value for money). More information about Map Locations, you can get by clicking here.

We hope our comparison of Best Google Map extensions for Joomla will help you to choose the one, which will boost your performance at your website by many various features, which this advanced Joomla maps extensions are providing.

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