Best Books About SEO In First Half of 2018

Nowadays, if someone is interested in any subject, then he uses the internet to find an interesting answer for him. It is really easy because a network has many various websites which may contain everything that we need. But there still exists a possibility of having a problem with finding that what we really want. We have to spend a lot of time to search for it, and even if we are going to make it, there is always a possibility, in which we will have to look for another answer because we may not understand everything that we find. But that’s not everything – if you are looking for something at the internet, you have not 100% sure about what you will find.

Articles at websites can be created by many people which may not have any knowledge about that, what they are writing. That’s why if we are looking for more information about SEO, besides many articles and websites dedicated to it, we can use more reliable sources like Search Engine Optimization books. Experts, who wrote them, had to contain in their books, mostly proven information about that a person could search for. But even if you are not the biggest fan of reading SEO information embed in many sides of paper covered by hardcover, then you can use an alternative for it – SEO book pdf.


The first half of 2018 is behind us, that’s why especially for you, we made a comparison of the top 10 best SEO books based on Amazon ranking.

Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World


Author: Rand Fishkin
The comparison of best SEO books, couldn’t be finished without the most popular Search Engine Optimization book created by Rand Fishkin. An author is a founder of software company SparkToro and previously a CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz, what proves that he is a big expert which have a lot of knowledge about SEO. It’s not a coincidence, that Rand Fishkin’s SEO book has become the most popular on Amazon – he has on his account title like a The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization, which for sure made him a more experienced writer.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 51 reviews and ratings which have mostly been positive. The average rating of the “Lost and Founder” is 4.8/5. There is not such a thing as an accident, that Fishkin’s reading is on the top of best SEO books. Readers are describing it as a one of most experienced know-how book about SEO, which is giving a most important guide with all needed information about how to build the content of the websites on the really high level. As the best book on SEO in the first half of 2018, it will for sure make that, the SEO will be much easier to understand.

Price of the book: 22.15$

WordPress Plugins: 690 Free Plugins for Developing Amazing and Profitable Websites


Author: Chad Tennant
Of course, the production of Chad Tennant had to take place in the top 10 of best SEO books in the first half of 2018 – without, this list would have been empty. An author is a self-employed marketer and advisor, which has to goal to help other people with achieving the financial successes. Chad Tennant beside publishing several books about SEO (which are too available as SEO e books), is also posting much information about marketing on his blog, Youtube channel and many other platforms. To more well-known author’s works belongs to that title like a Passive Income: 14 Ways to Make 5,000 a Month in Passive Income.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 58 reviews and ratings which have mostly been positive. The average rating of the “WordPress Plugins” is 4.2/5. Reading made by Chad Tennant belongs to one of the best SEO books for beginners. By reading his work, which contains much important information about plugins for WordPress platform, you are able to meet many references, which will for sure help you while you will work on your website or a blog based on WordPress.

Price of the book: 6.99$

The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell: A Marketing Guide for Making Money While You Sleep


Author: Brian Greenberg
An author of this great Search Engine Optimization book is guest writer and CEO of True Life Insurance. Brian Greenberg as the founder of businesses based on e-commerce, marketing and financial services, has generated over 50$ million. The writer is also having a big knowledge about the history of US, that’s why on his account beside book about SEO, he has New Jersey: A History of the Garden State reading and many others.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 23 reviews and ratings which whole have been positive. The average rating of the “The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell” is 5/5. As the readers are describing the author’s work, it is completely jewel – fresh, humorous and very interesting SEO writing, which is giving many unique insights about how to market business. The author himself has been described by many people as a person, which know, how to share his knowledge without giving boring “tech-talk”, and in his SEO textbook, he is clearly trying to tell, what’s wrong, and what’s right.

Price of the book: 11.93$

BadRedhead Media: How to Best Optimize Blog Posts for SEO


Author: Rachel Thompson
The writer beside SEO readings has on his account many awards for his different books – Rachel Thompson is well-known for multi-award-winning readings like Broken pieces. Even in 2015, one of the author’s book – Broken Places has been chosen to the IndieReader’s “Best of 2015” top books and 2015 Honorable Mention Winner in the San Francisco Book Festival and Los Angeles Book Festival and 5/5 Readers Favorite.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 15 reviews and ratings which almost all have been added on maximum points. The average rating of the “BadRedhead Media” is 4.9/5.

Rachel Thompson’s SEO writing is a simple primer for the beginners at blogs and WordPress. As the readers are describing, “BadRedHead Media” is a perfect search optimization engine guide, for the newbies at SEO – in this book, we are able to find step-by-step information and very knowledgeable tips, which for sure will make that, we are going to understand the basics.

Price of the book: 1.22$ (Kindle edition)

SEO Exposed


Author: Ron Zayas
Ron is a very experienced person in eCommerce subject, he spent 10 years as a senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the one of the largest company, which deals with printing and small business services. Author by his knowledge coming from years of work is bringing his expertise in marketing and e-commerce, beside his SEO writings, to the 360 BC group.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 18 reviews and ratings which mostly all, are positive. The average rating of the “SEO Exposed” is 4.6/5. As some readers are saying, the Search Engine Optimization book is offering very insightful SEO writing tips for people which are operating a web-based business. The reading is a very basic handbook for the beginners, which offers instructions in the really original way.

Price of the book: 3.68$ (Kindle edition)

SEO for Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide to Using SEO for Your Blog and Make Money Online


Author: George Pain
The comparison couldn’t work without an author of this SEO writing. George is an entrepreneur and engineer which built several businesses from the ground. He is specialising in setting up online businesses, lifestyle designing and investment income strategies. As an author, besides Search Engine Optimization books, George is having on his account many popular readings like Body Language Secrets and other works which are on the really great level.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 18 reviews and ratings which are on the good level. The average rating of the “SEO for Blogging” is 4.3/5. The reason for that, why this SEO reading is in the top 10 of the best SEO books, is very simple. The book is perfect to understand for the beginners, which already have their blogs and websites – in the first 100 pages, the book contains information on how to set up the website from the SEO side. So if you are looking for the examples of SEO books for the beginners, this is one for you.

Price of the book: 6.14$ (Kindle edition)

How To Get To The Top Of Google: The Plain English Guide To SEO


Author: Tim Cameron-Kitchen
The writer of this SEO guide is an online marketing expert and founder of the Exposure Ninja company. Tim as a leader (called “Head Ninja”) at Exposure Ninja, consults with 60 person team, more than 800 businesses a year. Tim is not the only author of very popular How To Get To The Top Of Google SEO books, he is also writing about social media marketing, which about you can find more information in some readings called Profitable Social Media Marketing.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 18 reviews and ratings which are mostly positive. The average rating of the “How To Get To The Top Of Google” is 4.2/5. The review of the SEO writing by Tim is as simple as the book is – it is experienced work of professionalist, who has big knowledge. Cameron-Kitchen SEO textbook is written in a down matter for those who did not grow up with technical knowledge. It gives a step by step plan on how to get to the top of the search engine results, so it can be sure for those who are looking for SEO books for beginners.

Price of the book: 7.99$

2018 SEO Handbook for Beginners: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Strategies to Dominate Search Rankings


Author: Shivani Karwal
The writer of the SEO handbook is an online SEO instructor on his own eLearning platform – Digioligst, which provides digital marketing training to business owners. Shivani is Google and Hubspot certified with the Google Analytics and Google AdWords certifications and also she is having a Masters in Business Administration (MBA – Marketing) and a Bachelors of Commerce (Accountancy) degrees. The SEO reading’s author is in the industry for over 7 years and has done SEO for many various top companies. On her account, there is a lot of titles, which might be very useful in SEO, to one of them belongs Link Building Mastery.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 5 reviews and ratings which are mostly positive. The average rating of the “How To Get To The Top Of Google” is 4.4/5. As the readers are describing, the SEO writing is extremely well written with detailed specifics. One of the within site ranking tips was more specific than any others. The layout and organization make it easy to map out a plan to improve the position of the website at a network. The reviewers also liked that, this SEO reading isn’t filled with “fluff” or “fillers” – so if you are looking for a book, which contains all information you need without useless “fillers”, then Shivani’s work is for you (it is also available as an SEO ebook).

Price of the book: 14.99$

SEO CHECKLIST: 10 steps to TOP-3 on Google in 2018 (The New Era Of Internet Marketing)


Author: Roger Burns
The author of Seo checklist is writing about Internet Marketing, to help rising business and entrepreneurs capture their target market without any problem. Roger believes that the successful business needs some time, to be improved. He understands that it’s all about the right time – that’s why, he is always ready to reach the target market through Google Adwords, SEO and SMM. Author has on his account more than this SEO reading, to one of his works, belong PASSIVE INCOME.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 5 reviews and ratings which are on a good level. The average rating of the “How To Get To The Top Of Google” is 4.3/5. As the reviewers are describing this Search Engine Optimization book, it is one of the greatest SEO checklist guide, which for the difference between the other guiding books, is having a very elegantly composed content. Roger’s work has been created to contain as much information as the beginners need to understand.

Price of the book: 9.99$

How to Crush Social Media in Only 2 Minutes a Day: Youtube, Google, Amazon, Cross Promotion, blogs and Shapr


Author: Ndeye Labadens
The writer of an SEO how-to, besides being an author, is a blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur and world traveller, which has some awards on his best-selling list. As the famous person on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, is helping business owners and other authors in getting influence from the social media. You can find on Ndeye’s account some more others SEO books like a #HowToCrushSocialMedia or if you are interested in travels, you may also check European Memories.

Summary based on reviews of readers
The SEO book has received 3 reviews and ratings which all are added on maximum points. The average rating of the “How To Get To The Top Of Google” is 5/5. As one of the readers describe this SEO reading, it is a book, which can be read in any order allowing the reader to focus on the social media that they want to use for their own interests. If you are interested in your public image and you are ready for more learning about how to grow in a social media position, this Search Engine Optimization writing is for you.

Price of the book: 25.00$

Hopefully the ranking of the best SEO books in the first half of 2018 will be useful for you and also will help you to improve your marketing skills!

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